How many wires do you wrap? The top three are suitable for apple and Android millet

Could it be a storage problem? So later, Xiaobian bought the binding line and tried the special storage bag Either too much trouble, or too cumbersome! I feel even worse < / P > < p > until last week, a friend of digital control told me why it’s so hard to make a Musketeer’s 3-Head charging line, so that you can keep your mobile phone powered and surf all the time! I < / P > < p > this charging cable has three interfaces: Apple lightning interface, ordinary Android phone interface and type-C interface. Basically, most models in the market can be charged with it. < / P > < p > now, whose home and office are not a lot of electronic equipment, from computers and TVs to mobile phones and wireless routers, all kinds of wires are winding. < / P > < p > the line is too messy, not only the guests are particularly disgraced, but also they are very uncomfortable looking at them every day! Every time I want to tidy up, I find that there is a mess, which is comparable to the “accident scene”! I don’t know where to pick it up < p > < p > Apple’s mobile phone, iPad, iPod; Xiaomi mobile phone, tablet, all kinds of small digital, Android phone, desk lamp, power bank All right! It’s often embarrassing to have a short charging line When charging, I have to squat in the corner, facing the strange eyes of passers-by, I wish I could be invisible! < / P > < p > people who have bought charging lines on the Internet should have such confusion: when buying the lines, there are all kinds of them, such as jeans, nylon, apple Shanzhai, 9.9 parcel post < / P > < p > these are still small problems. Some poor quality charging lines may cause hot charging, damage the tail plug of the mobile phone, or the unstable current may damage the parts of the mobile phone, or even damage the battery life or even cause explosion! < / P > < p > it also has an upgraded version of the security chip, which can be upgraded synchronously with Apple system. The stable system at the same level can make your iPhone charge quietly, and you can no longer see the abnormal pop-up window. < / P > < p > in fact, the quality of the original thread of some brands is really ordinary. The wire body is very soft. After a period of time, the insulation skin at the joint will be broken, and the metal wire inside will be exposed. If it can be used for half a year, it will be long-lived. < / P > < p > and this new gunner’s three head charging cable is made of high-strength TPE environmental protection material, and is made of Nylon Braided wire with high flexibility, which is more durable than common polyethylene. < / P > < p > in addition, it can withstand high temperature 60-80 ℃ and low temperature below – 20-30 ℃. The mobile phone can be charged as usual in hot summer and cold winter. < p > < p > in a word, it is not entangled or twisted, neat and orderly, with full score, and is not afraid of multi angle switching and pulling, and “Uncle strange” and “King Kong Barbie” can be safely used. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year