How old are children to have their own mobile phones? Bill Gates: no sooner or later. It’s just the right age

Xiao Zhang repeatedly waved his hand: telephone watch my son has been in kindergarten, now this stinky boy is full of ideas to have a mobile phone of his own, and also said that many of his classmates have mobile phones. Xiao Wang thought about it and said: if most of the students in the class have mobile phones, it means that this is also a trend. As long as you limit the time he plays with mobile phones, there should be no problem. Xiao Wang’s words immediately attracted the opposition of another colleague: 10-year-old children have poor self-control and must not buy mobile phones! My daughter’s grades plummeted when she got her cell phone! I’m going to wait until she’s 15 to think about playing with her cell phone. < / P > < p > if you buy a mobile phone early, you are afraid that your child will indulge in games and chat, delay learning, and even affect your eyesight. Can buy late, but also afraid of children’s resentment, feel that they are a different class. < / P > < p > If a child has good self-control, he will allocate his entertainment time and study time well. Playing mobile phone is not only not addicted, but also can appropriately relieve the pressure of learning. < / P > < p > children are generally around 13 years old, and their self-control ability tends to be stable. Therefore, 13 years old is the appropriate age for parents to configure mobile phones for their children. Of course, this will vary from person to person. < p > < p > as we all know, Bill Gates, the richest man in the United States, has three children. Gates is very strict with his children. In an interview, he gave the answer to the question “how old can a child have a mobile phone”: 13 years old. < p > < p > although this kind of rigid regulation makes Gates’ children complain a lot, and even feel that they are “unequal” with those children who have mobile phones in their class, Gates is still unmoved. < / P > < p > he believes that mobile phones are a tool for communication, learning and entertainment, not for children’s comparison. So it’s neither too early nor too late. It’s just 13 years old. With the development of information society, more and more primary and secondary school students have their own mobile phones. A social survey organization conducted a survey on the use of mobile phones among 1939 parents of primary and secondary school students. < / P > < p > the results showed that: 93.4% of the surveyed parents provided their children with mobile phones, of which 32.1% were from grade 1 to grade 3, 42.9% from grade 4 to grade 6, 19.6% from junior high school and 5.4% from senior high school. < p > < p > the parents interviewed said that their children mainly used mobile phones to finish homework and play social media, and 31.6% of them admitted that they could not guide their children to use mobile phones correctly. < / P > < p > @ xiaodaidou: if other students in the class have mobile phones, and only they don’t have them, then children will easily feel inferiority complex, and there is no topic to talk with classmates, which will affect children’s personality and social intercourse. < / P > < p > @ don’t want to sleep: never feel that the mobile phone is directly linked to academic performance. Even if children with poor self-control do not have a mobile phone, their academic performance will not go up! < / P > < p > @ stir fried mushrooms with lettuce: I will definitely not give my children mobile phones until I get to high school. Children in primary and junior high schools have poor self-control. They must focus on their studies, so that high school children will gradually develop self-control. < / P > < p > @ near dusk: when the child was in the 5th grade, he was given a mobile phone. As a result, he hid in the quilt to play with his mobile phone every night, which affected his sleep. Not to mention, his eyes became more and more myopic, so he took back his mobile phone decisively! < / P > < p > @ the king asked me to patrol the mountain: I gave my son a mobile phone to help him learn. As a result, he played games with his mobile phone every day, and his test scores dropped by more than 20, and his lungs were going to explode. < / P > < p > for example, in the case of high-quality homework every day, you can play with your mobile phone for 1-2 hours. In addition to answering the phone and using the learning software, you are not allowed to use other functions of the mobile phone. < / P > < p > if parents can’t lead by example, it will only affect their children’s self-control and make them feel “unfair” in their hearts, thus their desire for mobile phones will become stronger and stronger. < / P > < p > therefore, when parents have made rules for their children to play with mobile phones, they may as well make a rule for themselves secretly, such as playing less mobile phones in front of children. < / P > < p > If children play with their mobile phones without finishing their homework, they will be punished that they can’t touch their mobile phones for two days; if children play with their mobile phones for more than half an hour today, they will have to reduce their playing time by half an hour tomorrow. < / P > < p > in the information age, many children want to have their own mobile phone as soon as possible. As parents, they need to configure mobile phones for their children according to their own situation. < / P > < p > I’m a douma, and I have a cute baby in my family. I record and share my parenting experience and anecdotes with temperature, height and depth every day, pay attention to me, and get scientific and reliable dry products at any time! Welcome to leave a message or comment area to tell me what you think! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865