How old can a child be equipped with a mobile phone? It’s a good age to have a proper age, if the parents make good rules

Mobile phone, as a product of the new era, greatly facilitates people’s life, but it is always beneficial and harmful, especially for children, so it is a lot of parents’ doubts to equip children with mobile phones at the age of several years. In this era of electronic information, almost every adult has a mobile phone. The dependence on mobile phones is even safe without it. So what about how old do you equip children with mobile phones? Parents have deep doubts. Ms. Liu’s son became the first year of the first year. From junior high school, Ms. Liu felt that she should let her children become independent gradually, so she decided to take them off from school every day. It was very smooth at the beginning. Her son went to school on time every day and went home on time. So Ms. Li was upset at the beginning. On this day, the child didn’t go home for a long time after school. She saw the day gradually darkened. This can make Ms. Li worse, so she was afraid of any accident. When the family was going out to find out, her son became back. She scolded her child and asked him, “if she doesn’t go home for so long after school, everyone in the family is scared. Don’t you know to speak to my parents?” This makes Ms. Li realize that when children grow up and often have their own people alone, it is bad if there is no cell phone in case of emergency and there is no way to contact themselves. But worried about the delay in learning after equipping her son with a mobile phone, Ms. Li felt very tangled. When it comes to equipping children with mobile phones, I believe that many parents don’t know what to do, because if the child has poor self-control, the disadvantages of mobile phones will be greater than the benefits. Therefore, the age of children who are equipped with mobile phones will also be included in the reference items. In fact, whether it is too early or too late is not conducive to the physical and mental health of children. Students should pay attention to learning and equip mobile phones too early. Children with poor self-control may distract too much attention on mobile phone entertainment, which may affect learning. If it is too late to equip children with mobile phones, the children are older and they are not convenient to contact their families when they are alone. Secondly, if all the students around them have mobile phones, if they don’t have them, they will probably bring others’ ridicule and ridicule, which will lead to inferiority. Secondly, after entering junior high school, the time that they don’t stay with their family members is greatly extended, which greatly improves the potential personal safety risks. Not only that, children also have their own social scope, such as eating the toast strings along the road with their classmates after school; they have a basketball appointment with their classmates on weekends. If they don’t contact their families in time, parents will be worried and anxious 。 But parents should pay attention to that even if they give their children mobile phones, they need to have a prerequisite to set up the rules of using mobile phones so that children can use the mobile phones correctly. It can be said that it is a “double-edged sword” to equip children with mobile phones, so parents must be careful. If they can guide their children to use the mobile phone correctly, such as setting up the rules of mobile phones, they will help their growth greatly. This book is a child-to-child perspective, depicting the scenes in daily life, and listing the rules of playing mobile phones one by one. It not only allows children to understand the disadvantages of playing mobile phones for a long time in the subtle way, but also tells parents not to miss the beautiful part of their life because they are addicted to mobile phones. The book uses relaxed and pleasant words and concise and bright pictures to explain why to abide by the “mobile phone rules”, and can also let parents get a lot from it. Parents are the best teachers in their children’s lives. If they play mobile phones and brush plays with their mobile phones every day, can they expect them to learn from them and consult the materials? Therefore, parents should take the example and give positive influence to their children, so that they can be driven by their parents’ behaviors. Secondly, after making a series of rules, they should abide by it, otherwise it is easy for children to have a great dissatisfaction and even immerse themselves in the mobile phone network. In fact, many children play with mobile phones because they lack a clear idea. If they can set up a rule and restrict them, the probability of children addicting to mobile phones will be greatly reduced. Therefore, before equipping children with mobile phones, we must make three chapters about the law, such as the use time of mobile phones, the restrictions on the place of use, the length of online access every day, the length of playing games, and the telephone fee per month… [/p > < p > secondly, after the custom rules, parents must supervise them in time and strictly follow the rules. It is not allowed to go half way And waste, otherwise will cause counterproductive effect. Parents who use mobile phones can also establish certain reward and punishment system for children. Just like the class system, rules are set up to let children follow. If they implement, they will be rewarded and they will bear corresponding punishment if they are wrong. Secondly, if the child strictly complies with the system, he or she asks the parents to talk and calculate the words. The reward promised must be given, so that the system can be effective. Otherwise, not only the parents lose their credibility, but also the children will not abide by the rules. The system is like a blank paper. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

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