How old can children have their own mobile phones? Not too early and not too late. It’s just the right age

Now is a network developed society, the network also facilitates people’s life, therefore, adults are mobile phones do not leave their hands, it seems that without mobile phones, everything can not be done the same. < / P > < p > children also need mobile phones in their life. If they don’t buy them, it will be difficult to contact them, or children can’t communicate with classmates and teachers, which will affect their academic performance. < / P > < p > if they buy them mobile phones, their children’s self-discipline ability is very poor, they will often play with mobile phones, do not study, do not sleep, do not eat, etc., which will affect their own development, so many parents are struggling to buy mobile phones for their children. Hao Hao is the son of Ms. Wang. He has been on the first day of junior high school this year. Since this semester, he has wanted to go to and from school by himself without having to be picked up by his parents. Ms. Wang felt that her son had grown up and should learn to be independent. Therefore, she readily agreed to her son’s request. < p > < p > one day, Haohao didn’t go home on time like before after school, so Ms. Wang was a little worried. She was afraid that something might happen to her child and she was restless at home. < p > < p > it was getting dark, and her son came home. Ms. Wang couldn’t help scolding Haohao, who said he was very aggrieved. He said he was addicted to playing with his friends and didn’t pay attention to the time. He didn’t have a mobile phone and didn’t know how to contact his parents. < p > < p > so she wanted to buy a mobile phone for her son, but she was worried that the mobile phone would affect his son’s studies. After careful consideration, Ms. Wang really bought a mobile phone for her son. With a mobile phone, her son not only did not delay his study, but also reasonably used his mobile phone to access information. < / P > < p > at what age can children have their own mobile phones? This problem bothers many parents. Therefore, some people who have come here have said something in their hearts: not too early or too late, and 12-year-old is just right. < p > < p > after all, children in junior high school are more mature and have stronger self-control. After they get the mobile phone, they will not be too addicted to the temptation brought by the mobile phone. < / P > < p > unlike adults, children have poor self-control, and some things on the Internet are particularly addictive, such as games, shopping, short videos, etc. once children have the opportunity to contact them, they will be addicted to them. < / P > < p > children are in the learning stage, so they should put their time on learning. If they often play with mobile phones, they will not take the initiative to learn. Learning is boring and boring. < p > < p > children are juveniles, and their thoughts are not mature. Nowadays, some people on the Internet, for their own interests, send some bad information and pictures on the Internet, so as to win everyone’s attention. < / P > < p > and children will be affected by these bad things after watching them. They may go to study and seek stimulation in life. As time goes by, children will go on the road of no return. < / P > < p > parents should not spoil their children too much. They should give their children whatever they want, especially mobile phones. They should not buy mobile phones for their children too early, or give their mobile phones to their children as soon as they cry. This is not a manifestation of loving children. < / P > < p > a mobile phone may ruin a child’s future. Therefore, as a child’s parents, they should control their children’s playing with mobile phones, and do not give them free play. < / P > < p > therefore, parents should always accompany their children and educate them not to miss the best time for education. Children are the hope of the family. If the children become bad, it will be futile for parents to spend more money. < / P > < p > parents can take their children to do something meaningful to enrich their life. In short, with their parents’ company, children will get a sense of security and grow up healthily and happily. < / P > < p > as the saying goes, parents are the first teachers of children, and children will imitate their parents. Therefore, parents should not leave their mobile phones in front of their children. They should set an example and spend their time playing with mobile phones to accompany their children and teach them the truth of life. < / P > < p > children are still young and immature, and their self-control is very poor. Therefore, parents should not buy mobile phones for their children too early. They will be addicted to the Internet and cannot extricate themselves. < / P > < p > as parents of children, they must be responsible for their children, consider the future of their children, spend more time educating their children and taking them to do meaningful things. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo