How powerful is Apple’s iPhone and MAC ecology? These operations can’t work with Android or windows

Whether iPhone or Mac, Apple’s products are one word – expensive. The price of iPhone is almost 50-100% higher than that of Android flagship, and MAC laptop and computer are even higher. But even so, many people still flock to iPhone and MAC. < / P > < p > it is impossible for apple powder to buy Apple mobile phones and computers because of their money and willfulness. Most of them are rational consumption, because Apple’s ecosystem is generally recognized as the best. The experience of IOS of mobile phone, iPad OS of tablet and Mac OS of computer are all very good, and different platforms are gradually getting through, which makes it easier for users to use, which also improves the stickiness of Apple users. < / P > < p > What are the ecosystem advantages of Apple mobile phones and computers? Programmer big V @ left ear mouse summed up some iPhone and MAC use skills, many of which Android phones and windows computers can’t do. You can have a look. < / P > < p > I turned to a microblog last night and talked about some skills of using iPhone and MAC, and found that many people didn’t know, so I sent a long micro blog to list some of my daily functions. < / P > < p > a lot of information on your multiple iPhones / iPads and macbooks were unconsciously synchronized by icloud, such as photos, documents, memos, contacts, reminders, calendars, WiFi Password, safri web page password The senseless connection of all kinds of data makes you feel that you don’t have to find a data line to transmit data If you have more than one iPhone, you’ll find that your phone calls are synchronized in real time across multiple devices < / P > < p > data can also be shared among relatives and friends. If it’s a contact in the address book, when your friend needs to connect to a WiFi that needs a password at your side, your mobile phone will have a shared password. There is no need to worry about security issues, because the password is shared with each other with an encrypted string < / P > < p > – Super clip version, copy in one place, all devices can paste, except for text, pictures can be copied and pasted among various devices. < / P > < p > – when a mobile phone reads an email or safri visits a web page, a synchronized icon will appear on the dock bar of the computer, and the work can be transferred to the computer after one point. < / P > < p > – in the right-click menu of word documents, there is an item “insert from iPhone”. All your iPhones will be in the list. You can click to take pictures and scan the documents. Then you can turn on your mobile phone photography mode under wireless conditions, and upload them to the computer after taking pictures. < / P > < p > – when the call comes, if your phone is charging, you can answer the call on the computer < A= target=_ blank>gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?