How powerful is the “Sony space entertainment project” that Sony Group places high hopes on?

At the ESG technical briefing of Sony Group in September this year, CEO Yoshida Kenichiro disclosed that Soni was cooperating with external partners to launch innovative space entertainment experience projects, and proposed that Sony people should expand their vision from enterprise purpose and people-oriented business portfolio to the earth environment and space field. < p > < p > we will participate in the 2020 Online High Tech Expo in October this year, with the theme of “3R challenge under the new normal world”. In this exhibition, Sony displayed six videos covering entertainment, two involving sports, and four new challenges / efforts related to social issues. Among them, the new project called “Sony space entertainment project” (hereinafter referred to as “SSEP”) has received a lot of attention. So what exactly is SSEP? What are Sony’s attempts and achievements in the field of space exploration? < p > < p > SSEP is a space entertainment project jointly created by Sony, Tokyo University and JAXA. The three parties will work together to create a satellite system, which will be equipped with cameras that can be remotely controlled in real time from land, allowing ordinary viewers to observe outer space and the earth like astronauts. At the CEATEC exhibition, Mr. yoshiyo Nakai from Sony Business Incubation Platform new business planning department, Professor Koizumi of Tokyo University and Fuji hirashi of JAXA new business development group jointly introduced the development progress of the project, and discussed the application scenarios and commercial potential of the project. < / P > < p > Mr. Nakai Jiyang said that Sony is using its “3R technology” – real-time, real-time and remote – to deliver Kando to people, provide support and protection, and strive to contribute to the society under the new normal. Space entertainment project for Sony, the most challenging is how to use the power of technology to open up the “cosmic vision” for people, and through entertainment means to spread the “cosmic vision” to all parts of the world. “Cosmic vision” will change people’s understanding of the world and release rich ideas and creativity. Sony’s space entertainment program will bring a sense of unity to creators, the world and the next generation. < / P > < p > in terms of technical and commercial cooperation, Sony has technical advantages in imaging and sensing, Tokyo University has experience in the development of ultra small satellites and ultra small propulsion systems, and JAXA has expertise in the control technology and space business of man-made satellites. Through the joint development of a satellite carrying Sony imaging equipment, Sony and its partners will establish a never realized real-time remote control space service from the ground. Users can take pictures of the earth or the universe from space with their own hands through pre-set date, time, location and other information with Sony devices with high sensitivity and high dynamic range sensors 。 < / P > < p > the nascent SSEP project is looking for “creators and partners of the new era”, which will create opportunities for collaborators to “easily use imaging systems in space to produce content.”. Currently, SSEP envisages not limited to the following expected application directions: < / P > < p > in September 2019, the small optical link system of soliss international space station, jointly developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratory and Japan Aerospace Development Agency, successfully flew to the international space station by htv8 spacecraft. The system makes use of Sony’s optical disc technology, which has been used in CD players and Playstation, to achieve long-distance laser communication, and will build broadband systems between ground stations and satellites and between satellites. This technology will allow more real-time information exchange between the ISS and the ground. In 2017, α 7sii was selected as the external platform camera for the Japanese experimental module of the international space station for its excellent performance. In the same year, we released a high-resolution 4K earth image taken from outer space by α 7sii. From snow capped peaks in Japan to metropolitan lights in the United States, α 7sii presents exciting high-quality images from outer space with high sensitivity, high dynamic range and effective noise reduction. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?