How strong is the CMOS displacement anti shake of iPhone 12 Pro max?

This year’s iPhone 12 series has seen a big jump in video capabilities, and finally the iPhone is piling up hardware. In addition to the fact that pixels are still ancestral 1200W, < / P > < p > in order to further widen the gap between models, the positioning of 12pro and 12pro Max in the three cameras is also different. The 12pro Max long focus is 65mm, and the 12pro long focus is 52mm. For portrait shooting, 65mm is a sweet spot. It has better space compression effect and better control of image distortion, which is specially for portrait service. Because of the addition of longer focal length, 12pro Max also supports 5 times optical zoom. < / P > < p > this is different from other brands’ pursuit of ultra long focus. Each camera in the iPhone 12 series has a clear positioning. It is inappropriate to say that the idea of the common lens on the SLR is transplanted to the mobile phone. The focal section is more aligned to 85mm, but the practicability of indoor portrait is ensured. Although it doesn’t feel like cream, it should be a big breakthrough in mobile phone telephoto through computational photography and better image quality. < / P > < p > here comes the point! The biggest difference of 12pro Max lies in its anti shake technology. For the first time, iPhone has applied sensor displacement optical image anti shake technology, which has been used in camera field for many years, to mobile phone. < / P > < p > at its simplest, this technology is similar to the “body shake proof” feature that you often hear on cameras. Give the work of anti shake to CMOS. When the mobile phone shakes, the CMOS will follow. Due to the smaller volume and weight of CMOS compared with the large number of lens sets, the anti shake control will be more agile. < / P > < p > this enables the 12 promax CMOS anti jitter to achieve 5000 calculations per second. It greatly improves the upper limit of safety shutter. Apple officially claims that the wide-angle handheld shutter speed can reach 2 seconds! This is not a synthesis, not a post calculation, but a physical safety shutter speed. It’s enough for you to shoot night scenes or light painting with your hands. < / P > < p > the application of CMOS anti shake technology to video can reduce the image cutting caused by electronic anti shake. Moreover, it is too natural for physical plug-in. You can use it to do some more complicated mirror operation techniques. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Series can come to the silky Hitchcock, the 5-fold light conversion of the 12pro Max and the CMOS anti shake, which can be saved in Dajiang OM4. < / P > < p > this time, the iPhone’s “computational photography” has also been greatly upgraded. The night view mode supports ultra wide angle, and even the front camera supports night view mode, but I don’t know if the screen will flash blind. In addition, night scene mode is also supported under the function of time-lapse photography. Here, we have to admire the AI computing performance of A14. We can synthesize high-quality delay video through real-time night scene frames, so as to ensure the white balance, details and levels from delayed sunset to night curtain. < / P > < p > the intelligent HDR on iPhone has evolved to hdr3, which can more accurately identify the scene and improve the dynamic range. This time, deepfusion has also brought “advanced sharpening”. On 12pro max, all cameras can even be involved in the work of deepfusion. From the official sample, it is also a texture explosion. < / P > < p > Oh, by the way, the iPhone 12 series can also directly shoot and edit videos from Dolby’s vision, as well as an image format called appleprraw, which can meet higher creative needs! I have to say that A14 is really crazy! Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer