How to choose and buy four kinds of cameras

Half and full refers to the size of the sensor. The so-called full width refers to that the size of the sensor is the same as that of the previous 35mm film. The half, in fact, the correct name is APS-C, which is smaller than the whole. The area of full frame is 24mm × 36mm, while that of APS-C is 24.9 × 16.6mm, and its area ratio is 2.09:1, that is to say, the area of the photosensitive element of the full frame is twice as large as that of aps-c. therefore, APS-C is also called half frame or C-frame, or even called remnant. < / P > < p > the specific principle is not to be involved in this paper, but the main conclusion is that if the lens with the same focal length is connected to different cameras, the half frame camera needs a conversion system. For example, the half frame conversion system of Canon system is 1.6, and that of Nikon is 1.5. < / P > < p > take Canon camera as an example. When a lens of 501.8mm is connected to the full frame, the focal length is 50mm. When the lens is connected to the APS-C frame, the equivalent focal length becomes 80mm, and the aperture will not change. This means that a standard lens becomes a mid focus lens. < / P > < p > therefore, a shorter focal length is required for a wide angle on a half frame, while a long focus can be regarded as a profit. For example, a 300 mm telephoto is equivalent to 480 mm on a half frame! < / P > < p > because the imaging unit in the camera is small, the volume of the half frame camera is also relatively small. So a half frame camera will be smaller in size and weight than a full frame camera. This has advantages in portability. < / P > < p > but large size and heavy weight are not all disadvantages. For example, if the volume of professional camera is large, the layout of buttons can be more leisurely, and the keys can be arranged several times, which is more convenient for holding and controlling, and can also accommodate more functions, such as the anti shake components of the fuselage. < / P > < p > under the same pixel value, the pixel density is twice as high as that of the half frame imaging unit, which results in weak high sensitivity and difficult pixel enhancement. For example, the highest pixel value of half frame is Canon 90d and M6 II, reaching 32.5 million pixels, while the current record of full frame camera is 61 million pixels of Sony a7r4. It is undeniable that the nonreflection compared with the SLR is a new species. The antireflection camera does not directly omit a reflector and pentaprism system on the SLR, but has an impact on many functions of the camera. Due to the absence of reflector and pentaprism, the viewfinder of non reflective camera has become electronic viewfinder, that is to say, the light is directly injected into the photosensitive element through the lens, and then it is carried out by electronic imaging. There are some differences in imaging style between optical imaging of SLR and electronic imaging without reflection, and the appearance of electronic imaging is weaker than that of optical imaging due to the problem of refresh rate. However, the advantage of electronic imaging is that the exposure effect can be displayed in real time through the image processor, which is called analog exposure, which is quite useful for exposure control. < / P > < p > in the SLR, the focusing system and the imaging unit are separated, so there is a theoretical difference, that is, there is a phenomenon of defocus in the use of some lenses. Without reflection, the focusing system is integrated with the imaging unit, which is more accurate. < / P > < p > at the same time, no reflection can also realize more interesting and practical eye focusing function, which can identify human eyes and even animal eyes, and improve the accuracy of focusing. < p > < p > compared with the SLR, the mechanical structure is simplified and the electronic structure is strengthened. Therefore, generally speaking, the video shooting ability of the nonreflective is better than that of the SLR. For example, the latest EOS R5 already supports 8K video shooting, which can be said to be the strongest video camera, and it is a full frame non reflection. < p > < p > due to the simplified mechanical structure, the R & D and update speed of no reflexes is accelerated. For example, Canon 5D series changes every four years, while Sony A7 series shortens the rhythm of more than two years. < / P > < p > although not all the non reflection cameras are relatively light, such as Panasonic’s full frame no reflection camera, in order to pursue better weather resistance and heat dissipation performance, its weight and volume are even heavier and larger than the SLR. In general, the no reflection camera is more portable. Canon’s EOS RP, for example, is one of the most lightweight full frame cameras available today. < / P > < p > the electronic level of no reverse is high, and the power consumption is relatively high, which is shown in the endurance of the camera, there is a significant difference. But it’s not a big problem. Just bring a few more batteries. It’s just the inconvenience of replacing the battery, or the embarrassment of forgetting to charge! In many articles, Mustang has pointed out that no reflexes will replace SLRs and become the mainstream of 35mm cameras. However, it is not completely replaced. Just as the film machine is still used by people now, the SLR will still coexist with the non reflection camera for a long time. However, for ecological photography enthusiasts, the half frame camera also has certain advantages, for example, it can take advantage of the telephoto lens! < / P > < p > the typical representative is Canon’s EOS M series non reflective camera. YEMA brother has an EOS M3 with good image quality and small size, which is very portable for daily use. < / P > < p > due to the various performance advantages of the non reflection camera, it is more important for the current camera not only to take good photos, but also to be able to hold the video. Therefore, full frame non reflection is becoming the first choice of professional photographers. As for the issue of endurance, it is actually very easy to solve. < / P > < p > in the general trend that SLRs will be withdrawn from the main venue, unless there is a deep plot for SLRs, it is not recommended to buy new machines. However, for the purpose of learning and transition, Mustang will recommend that those who want to learn photography should start with the SLR camera to better master the basic skills of photography. Because the no reflexes camera is easier to use than the SLR, that is to say, if you master the SLR, you can use it naturally! < / P > < p > finally, photography equipment is just the basis of photography. No matter what you choose, as long as you are attentive and diligent, you can take good pictures! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia