How to choose between mobile phone, OLED screen and LCD screen? The gap between them is not a little bit

How to choose between a mobile phone, OLED screen and LCD screen? The gap between them is not a little bit. Hello, everyone. I’m the calf of compatible machine home.

when the college entrance examination is over, all of you may buy a mobile phone for your children or yourself, but you don’t know which one is better. Today, I’d like to introduce the difference between OLED and LCD, so that you can choose your own suitable mobile phone when you buy a mobile phone.

OLED, the full name of organic light emitting diode in Chinese, is mainly used in mobile phones, smart watches, TV and other equipment screens. The biggest feature is excellent color restoration and high contrast. Because the OLED screen emits light independently for a single pixel, OLED display black is more extreme. Because the material is soft and can be bent, the mobile phones with small “screen Chin” are basically OLED screens, and the mobile phones with folding screens are also OLED screens. However, the life of the OLED screen is short, such as the common phenomenon of “screen burning”. When the OLED screen is in high brightness for a long time and the picture is still, the image shadow will appear on the screen, which is irreversible. Once the screen burning occurs, the screen can only be changed.

LCD, full name liquid crystal Display, the Chinese name of LCD is LCD. It can be said that almost all large-scale color displays on the market are LCD. The biggest difference between LCD and OLED is that LCD still emits low light when displaying black content. The basic principle of LCD is that white backlight generates different colors through color filter, and the light transmittance of each pixel is controlled by current In order to achieve different colors, the technical feature is that the color can be displayed only with the help of backlight. Because the structure is more complex than OLED, the LCD screen will often leak light due to the high and low workmanship. Although the impact on the display effect is not great, it is simply unacceptable for OCD users.

LCD is better than OLED in eye protection. The brightness of LCD screen can be directly controlled by adjusting the brightness of backlight panel. However, OLED has no backlight board. The basic method of adjusting brightness is PWM dimming. The way of PWM dimming is to make the screen flicker continuously, for example, “on off on off” fast cycle, and then the brightness seen by human naked eye will be significantly reduced. This dimming method is very harmful to the eyes, will stimulate nerves, cause fatigue, and then increase intraocular pressure, lead to headache, vision decline. This pair of eyes of calf is myopia caused by reading novels with low brightness of OLED. However, some mobile phone manufacturers now also use DC dimming for OLED screens. The DC dimming method is current * voltage, which can reduce the brightness by reducing the power supply current. However, the OLED screen is easy to affect the color under low brightness, so the technology is not very mature.

to sum up, if you want to buy a mobile phone with excellent color display, you can choose a mobile phone with an OLED screen. If you are not very picky about the display effect of the screen and are very particular about eye protection, you’d better buy a mobile phone with LCD screen.

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