How to choose creative design notebook with full scene application

Today, 80% of the jobs in our society are based on the Internet. Without the Internet, there would be no social applications, e-commerce shopping, online games and so on, which have been deeply rooted in our bone marrow. Of course, also due to the role of the Internet, the birth of creative design groups. If only from the demand for productivity tools, there is no doubt that the requirements of the creative design crowd are the most diverse, which needs to consider the work attributes and their own hobbies. In the work scene, the creative design crowd has high requirements on appearance design, portability, screen performance and expansibility; on this basis, many creative design people are more keen on 3A In line with the demands of high standards, strict requirements and multiple scenes of creative design crowd, we will recommend several creative design PCs on the market that can cope with full scene applications. < / P > < p > since it is a mobile productivity tool for design crowd, it is necessary to consider it from the perspective of application logic of design crowd. Most of the designers have paranoid requirements for color accuracy. After all, this is a crucial part of the picture presentation. If the color accuracy is slightly deviated, the direction of creation will be different, which will seriously affect the quality. < p > < p > Rog fantasy 15 is well aware of the creator’s color needs, and has selected a 15.6 inch 4K UHD screen with 100% adobe RGB high color gamut, showing a wide color space and color levels, verified by Pantone professional color, the colorful picture is as full as the real object. In a WYSIWYG way, it can restore the unique aesthetic creativity of designers and provide the visual effect of polishing works. < / P > < p > to have such a precise color restoration ability is naturally inseparable from the powerful logical computing ability and display output ability, which naturally depends on the hardware configuration of the device. Rog magic 15 is equipped with the standard pressure version of the 10th generation core I7-10875h, Rui frequency can reach 5.1ghz. Thanks to the design of 8-core 16 threads and 16GB dual channel high-speed memory, multi task parallel processing is easy and fast, and rendering work is accelerated. < / P > < p > the design crowd needs the accurate color expression of the screen, as well as the smooth running of premiere, after effect, Maya, 3dsmax and other design software, which puts forward higher requirements for the graphics card. Rog magic 15 is equipped with NVIDIA geforce RTX 2070 independent graphics card with 6GB video memory. It supports real-time ray tracing and AI accelerated workflow. The Rog boost overclocking engine can also increase the frequency of the video card to exceed the NVIDIA default frequency, which is enough to cope with ultra-high quality image processing at 4K resolution. < / P > < p > you should know that the thickness of the super equipped Rog magic 15 is only 18.9mm, and the weight is only 1.9kg, which is 45% lighter and 25% thinner than the ordinary 15.6-inch notebook. At the same time, it has the endurance capacity of up to 8 hours, which is enough to cope with a day’s work. However, the collision between thinness and performance presents a problem – heat dissipation. If the cooling performance is not good, the excellent data just mentioned will be gone. < p > < p > therefore, Rog magic 15 inherits the pure blood of professional E-sports brands and perfectly embeds the Rog glacier cooling architecture 2.0 adopted by the high-end game company. It adopts 205 pieces of 0.1 mm ultra-thin ice wing fins and German violent bear liquid metal to conduct heat efficiently. In addition, it is equipped with double 12V dust isolating fans to blow cool air and discharge heat through 6 heat pipes and 4 air outlets, providing solid support for the continuous and stable operation of internal top hardware. < / P > < p > at the same time, Rog magic 15 inherits the cool style of fantasy series, and creates the aluminum magnesium alloy body with psychedelic luster by using cold forging gray and prism black to meet the design crowd’s demand for appearance. In addition, as a full scene machine, Rog magic 15 also supports 48gb of memory expansion space, equipped with usb3.2 Gen2 type-A, thunderbolt 3, hdmi2.0b and other high-speed interfaces. It can easily connect to external high-end independent display or 8K, 4K professional display dual screen display work content, providing flexible and changeable scalability for creative workers and high-end business users. < / P > < p > designers are known as having “visual cleanliness”, which means that this group of people have very high requirements for the appearance. According to the design crowd’s demand for appearance, concept D 3 has two colors to choose from: bright moon white and star sky black. The most valuable one is concept D The logo is hidden on the top of side a and close to the top frame. If you don’t look carefully, it’s hard to find out, and this solid color design scheme is the favorite of the design crowd. < / P > < p > the bonus for concept D 3 is that it brings a very rare pure white color in the market. However, in today’s high-frequency haze environment, the design crowd will also worry about its dirt resistance. In view of this, concept D 3 has brought about a series of problems Mao technology is introduced into the A-side alloy metal panel, so as to achieve high-grade ceramic texture. Combined with the anti fouling coating, it can be cleaned as soon as it is dirty, and it can always keep fresh and white. < / P > < p > of course, passing the appearance is only the first step, and the design crowd needs both internal and external repair, which explains why the purchase demand of the design crowd is more demanding. In view of the design is a visual engineering, so the design crowd for the screen requirements is quite high, and the specific response in the color gamut and color standard, and concept D 3 as a professional equipment for design crowd, it has Pantone authority certification, dci-p3 wide color gamut and professional calibration △ e less than 2. Each item has strict standards, which perfectly meets the high requirements of design crowd for screen. < / P > < p > and the perfect presentation of the front desk can not do without the excellent performance of the backstage. The concept D 3 creative design is equipped with NVIDIA geforce GTX 1650 graphics card, which adopts advanced Turing architecture, which can achieve faster rendering speed, help the software run efficiently, and escort the design and application all the way. < / P > < p > although the screen quality of concept D 3 is excellent enough, for the designer group, the external demand is very common, so the expansibility is also a point of concern. The conceptd 3 interface is very comprehensive. It not only carries USB3.0, type-C, HDMI and other commonly used interfaces, but also carries the RJ45 network cable interface which is rarely seen, which is conducive to its full scene application. < / P > < p > in addition, the computer application time of design crowd is generally long, for example, video rendering may take a night, so to solve the worries behind, the after-sales system must be in place, in order to make the design crowd can use it at ease, conceptd 3 also equipped with a comprehensive after-sales support, including 12-hour dedicated line support, 3-year warranty service and 1-year global joint guarantee, which completely solves the worries in the future. < / P > < p > the newly upgraded XPS 15 has a subversive OLED 4K screen with more than 8.2 million organic pixels. Each of them can be controlled independently. There is no need for backlight to make the eye color no longer overflow. It naturally presents pure black. Under the background of deep background, the color can be clearly captured even if it is close to each other. Infinity edge micro border design, visual barrier free, space for your masterpiece. < / P > < p > the contrast is as high as 100000:1, which makes the picture have an amazing depth. Between the two poles of bright white and dark black, the details are fully interpreted, and the bright colors are still transitional and natural. < / P > < p > the fuselage is as light as 2.0kg, equipped with power on key fingerprint identification. The fuselage is cut from aluminum, and the integrated structure makes the fuselage more robust and durable. CNC technology is used to polish every detail, corner, edge or shell plane, which has a charming appearance and delicate feel. Carbon fiber is widely used in many fields, such as formula F1 racing car, civil aircraft, etc. Both aesthetic and rugged, the palm rest can also maintain a cool touch. < / P > < p > the new quaternion lens camera is only 2.25 mm, which is perfectly integrated with infinity edge micro frame, and has a natural beauty. At the same time, it can better eliminate noise and still have high-quality imaging in low light. < / P > < p > equipped with the new 10th generation Intel Core i7-10750h processor, the eight core performance has been improved to a new high level. No matter how to write code, 3D rendering, or make special effects or video clips, it can efficiently handle the difficult work. < / P > < p > equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1650ti unique display, robust graphics processing capacity, straight line to improve video editing, graphic design and other image processing speed. < / P > < p > from the appearance point of view, MSI prestige 14 notebook not only has strong hardware performance, but also achieves light and thin, 15.9mm thickness and 1.29Kg weight control, which is very excellent. At the same time, the white and pink appearance improves the appearance of the series to a new height, attracting the attention of many female users. According to reports, the MICROSTAR prestige notebook adopts a comfortable ergonomic design and a 5-degree angle bearing design. When it is opened, the keyboard can be raised to the best angle. The keyboard is 1.5mm key range, and the screen can be expanded 180 degrees. < / P > < p > in terms of interfaces, there are 1 audio interface, 2 usb3.2 type-A interfaces on the right side, and 2 usb3.2 type-C interfaces on the right side, which support lightning 3 and a microSD card reader. Prestige 14’s feature shaft can be used as a pad for the notebook after opening, which can increase the air intake and enhance the heat dissipation. < p > < p > as a special book for designers, MSI prestige 14 performs very well in all aspects, especially the blessing of the 10th generation Intel comet Lake i7-10710u, which gives it a strong combat capability. Whether in office or in response to creative work and video work, will help you to add wings, present the best works, create eternal moments. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865