How to choose mobile phones in the beginning of school season? All of these four models have ultra-high cost performance ratio. Huawei and apple each have one

In a flash, it is the beginning of the school season. Many college students who are going to step into the campus will buy themselves a set of electronic equipment. Mobile phones are definitely in the choice. Most of the students like the model with ultra-high performance price ratio. Today, I’d like to explain how to choose mobile phones for the school season. These four models with ultra-high cost performance are worth your reference. Huawei and apple each have one. Can we see if it suits you?

the reference price of glory 30s is 2099 yuan. First of all, the price of the machine should be acceptable to most students, and it is a relatively cheap 5g mobile phone. Second, don’t underestimate the glory 30s. Its hardware is the Kirin 8205g SOC, which is second only to Kirin 990 and Kirin 9855g SOC among many Huawei mobile phones. The performance and dual-mode 5g functions can not be underestimated. It is easy to play games smoothly.

also has awesome 6400 million photo taking and 4000mAh+40W cable fast charging. All aspects of life in the use of computer demand can be basically met, the cost-effectiveness of students is very high.

the current reference price of iPhone 11 is about 4599 yuan. At present, the iPhone 12 is on the eve of its arrival, so the iPhone 11 has given way to a new machine in advance. Now the price and welfare are relatively large, which is a very good time to buy a new machine. Of course, as Apple’s best flagship machine, although it has been released nearly a year, its advantages are still very prominent.

for example, the powerful performance of A13 bionic chip and the smooth and durable system that can upgrade ios14 can be used for two or three years or even after graduation from university. At the same time, the shooting configuration of dual camera is not backward in Apple mobile phones. In addition to not having 5g function, it is also a cost-effective iPhone.

the reference price of redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition is 1999 yuan. This is a recently launched 5g cost-effective model, but it is more quality than general cost-effective products. First of all, a 120Hz Samsung AMOLED full screen is loaded on the front of the machine, which is comparable to the flagship in terms of screen material and high refresh rate.

secondly, its hardware is equipped with the MediaTek Tianji 1000 + processor, with a running score of more than 530000 points. In terms of performance, it can calmly face various tasks and run smoothly. After that, it has 64 million four cameras and 4500mAh strong endurance. It can be said that the cost performance of the machine is currently the highest in the industry of a dual-mode 5g mobile phone!

iqoo z1x reference price is 1598 yuan. Of course, this reference price is the lowest version of 6 + 64GB. It is recommended to choose the 8 + 128GB version of nearly 2K, which is more free to download or use later.

the price of the machine is appropriate, and it is also a cost-effective model with the main performance. It is a good reference for students who like to play games. Its hardware is snapdragon 765G processor. It also has 120Hz racing screen, 5000mAh super battery long endurance, PC level liquid cooling cooling cooling, optimized and customized E-sports mode and game space 3.5. With the combination of hardware and software, the game experience should be more bright.

the above four mobile phones are Huawei, apple, Xiaomi and vivo. They are all cost-effective models under their respective brands. They are very cost-effective for students. Which one do you like best? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing