How to choose only the charging head of the iPhone 12?

Although Apple’s official website provides a usb-c charging head, as a single port plug with a power of only 20W, its price is as high as 149 yuan. Friends who have a little knowledge of the charging head products must find this price unacceptable. So today I’d like to introduce some third-party chargers with higher cost performance and same reliable quality. < / P > < p > from iPhone 6 series to iPhone 7 series, apple 2.4a fast charging is supported, with a maximum power of 12W and a speed of more than twice the original 5W charger. < / P > < p > and the iPhone 8 / X series of Apple phones have supported the fast charging protocol of PD. The advantages of PD protocol are strong universality. For example, some type-C charging devices such as notebook and switch handset are all PD protocol, and they can share the charging head or power bank when the power is enough. < / P > < p > from the table, we can see that the 20W charging head on the official website can’t fully “feed” the large-size iPhones after iPhone 11. The 30W head can also achieve the extreme fast charging speed; for the small-sized iPhone, the minimum specification of 18W head is more than enough. < / P > < p > purple rice is one of the millet ecological chain brands. It was famous for its design and production of millet mobile power in the early years, and later developed into a multi category power accessories manufacturer with reliable internal materials and good reputation. This 18W PD charging head has a volume of 49.8cm, which is about the same size as a pair of airpods. The price is less than a fraction of the official charger. It has a good price performance ratio. It is recommended to select small-size iPhone and users before iPhone XS. At the same time, it is compatible with Qualcomm qc3.0 and Huawei FCP protocols. < / P > < p > Anker is a well-known Chinese brand, focusing on high-end intelligent digital peripherals. This 20W PD charging head is only 36cm in size, much smaller than 48CM of Apple’s official 20W head, and the price is only half of the official head, which is suitable for users who pursue small size. It is also compatible with fast charging protocols such as Qualcomm qc3.0, apple 2.4a and Huawei FCP. < p > < p > lvlian is also an old accessory manufacturer, and its quality is worthy of being assured. With a volume of 66.3cm, this 30W PD charging head is slightly larger, but it has higher power and only costs 45 yuan. It is also cost-effective. It is compatible with fast charging protocols such as Qualcomm qc3.0, Huawei FCP and apple 5v2.4a. This charger is suitable for large-size iPhone users who are pursuing the ultimate charging speed. It also provides 15v2a gear and can also be used for switch charging. < / P > < p > the volume of this 65W PD charging head is 63.9cm, which is very well controlled in the high-power charging head. Obviously, such high power is not only suitable for iPhone, you can also use it to charge laptop with type-C charging, it is also compatible with PPS charging of 3.3-21v3.09a. < / P > < p > the volume of this charging head is about 63cm. It provides a usb-c and a usb-a interface. Both ports support fast charging: the maximum output of port C is 30W; the port a supports Xiaomi 27W charge turbo, which is compatible with QC, FCP, 2.4a and other protocols. The dual port charging can output 24W at the same time. It is very convenient to use if there is a demand for charging two small power devices at the same time. < / P > < p > the volume of this charging head is 126cm, which is relatively large. However, its C port can achieve real 65W PD output and supply power for full blood of notebook. At the same time, two a ports also support 18W fast charging, which is better than 65W 2a1c of Purple Rice. Its volume is 78.4cm, which can be described as excellent volume control in 65W multi port charger. Two C ports can output 65W, realizing double port blind plug-in. Usb-a port can also provide single port 30W output. It is more compatible with apple Pd / 2.4a, Huawei FCP / SCP, Xiaomi QC / PPS, Samsung AFC / PPS, Meizu PE and other fast charging protocols, with rich support, and its heat control area It is also better than the similar products of Beisi. A compact and powerful charging head, the daily price is only slightly higher than Apple’s official head. < / P > < p > the above recommended charging products have passed the national 3C quality certification, and the charging protocol is consistent with the PD standard used by iPhone, so it can be used safely. After reading the above recommendations, it can be seen that there are many third-party accessories that are far more advantageous than Apple’s official charger in terms of price and experience. There is no need for us to adhere to the stereotype of using the original charger. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!