How to completely delete wechat records? Delete incomplete minutes will be restored!

How to completely delete wechat records? Now we often use wechat. Most of them may have been old and small, so some things don’t want to be known to the family, so that they will not worry. Or something very private that you don’t want to be seen by your partner. Well, if we don’t want to be discovered, we’d better get rid of these data. At this time, we need a way to completely eliminate the data to bury our inner secrets. < / P > < p > take apple as an example. Generally, iPhone deletion is divided into two parts: on the device and in icloud cloud. < / P > < p > first of all, let’s talk about how to delete icloud. We click on the settings of the Apple phone and click icloud. We find that there is a storage space. The backup in icloud is all in this. After clicking on the backup, we will find that the size of the backup can be seen here. We can continue to click this backup, and all the backup data can be seen after clicking on it. < / P > < p > for example, your wechat chat records, SMS and QQ records are all automatically uploaded to the cloud by Apple’s automatic backup function. If this function is on, it is equivalent to automatic backup. < / P > < p > the wechat data is stored in icloud cloud. If we know the Apple ID account and password, we can download it with another apple device. This must be deleted, or we can view the chat record even if we don’t get the mobile phone. Compared with IOS system, wechat is a third-party software developed by Tencent. We often delete the simplest is left slide delete chat dialog box, this is the most simple, but no effect, recovery software more than 90% of the deleted can be recovered. < / P > < p > there are a lot of software in Apple store that can recover the deleted data. Since there are software that can restore and delete the deleted data, there will certainly be software that can completely delete the data and prevent it from being recovered. If we can’t delete it manually, we can’t find a professional technician to help us delete it, Sleep without any anxiety!

mobile phone official WeChat, search the official account, “lost data recovery” attention, click the lower left to enter the official account, select the option on the front page, the engineer will contact you at the first time when receiving the demand, understand the data storage situation, formulate a targeted deletion plan, and confirm the plan with the engineer. The engineer will start to delete the data, which can be specified to completely delete someone’s wechat records, or all of them. There are many options. You can choose.

Apple mobile phone can not only focus on the official account, but also search and retrieve the “master of restoration” directly in App Store, open the APP and enter the homepage, and choose the same option. It is important to note that before the download and restore master, we must recognize the official icons and names. You can scan the code to download the official legitimate app < / P > < p > how to completely delete the wechat record? If you want to completely delete the wechat chat record, the best way is to find a professional technician to operate. In this way, the deleted data is also guaranteed. In addition, you must recognize the software name and icon of the recovery master. Science Discovery