How to compress PDF files when they are too large? These three PDF compression techniques are very useful!

How to compress PDF files when they are too large? Pdf file is an advanced file format, it has a strong compatibility, personalized reading form. Some friends who love reading novels will download a lot of PDF e-books on the Internet, but the PDF e-books are generally too long. The storage after downloading is a problem. What should we do if the PDF file is too large? The small editor will teach you how to compress PDF files!

first, click to select the PDF file to be compressed, right-click, and select “send to” – compressed folder in the drop-down menu.

tips: this method is simple. Fast, no need to install third-party software can operate. However, the compression of documents in ZIP format is not so thorough, so you can only reduce the files by a small margin ~

open the PDF compression software, and there are rich function options in the page. If we need to compress PDF files, click.

after entering the PDF compression interface, we can add PDF files to the blank list area in the middle. If you want to customize the file compression size, we need to choose advanced compression. Finally, we click “start compressing”.

search the browser for the hi format PDF Online Tool and click Online Pdf compression on the page. Then add the PDF file to be compressed, click or drag to add the PDF file to the specified operation interface. Finally, the system will compress the added PDF files by pressing the button to start compression ~

we can use the above methods to achieve the PDF file compression requirements, but the operation methods are different, the degree of difficulty is different, and the effect is also different. Friends can choose the way to compress PDF files that they like!

Author: zmhuaxia