How to deal with flash back in the strongest battle of Dragon Ball

What to do with the best fight of dragon ball? What is the Android IOS Apple flash back solution? What’s wrong with black screen? Today, Xiaobian has brought us solutions. How to do with flash back 1. Model configuration problem: the game has just been tested, and there are still some problems in the model adaptation and compatibility, leading to the black screen or flashback of some lower configuration models. This problem needs to wait for the official follow-up optimization. < p > < p > 2. Game version problem: with the update of the game version, some software in the old version will be incompatible with the server, etc., so if the version is too old, you can update the latest version. Network instability: when most of the network is unstable, it will cause a flashback. It is suggested that players change to a vixen and choose a more stable network environment. < / P > < p > the above is what to do about flash back of the strongest Dragon Ball battle brought by 18183 editor. I hope it can help you. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?