How to design the fission matrix of “enterprise wechat + small program + live broadcast”

Hello, I’m Jianfeng, CEO of zero one fission. Today, I’d like to share with you how to design the fission matrix of “enterprise wechat + small program + live broadcast”.

after the fission growth in 2018, the private domain traffic in 2019, and the live delivery of goods this year, we will find that the playing method is always changing, because users cannot always be attracted by the same playing methods.

for example, what’s the core purpose behind this year’s popular live broadcasting with goods? Can we bring our advantages to a new battlefield? Can fission be achieved through live broadcasting?

fission Kwai rely on various carriers in WeChat, to understand the laws and functions of these carriers, in order to design more innovative operation plan;

tiktok, jitter, B station, WeChat ecosystem and so on are different platforms, but the growth rule behind the traffic is common. For example, wechat ecology has a circle effect. We have invested tens of millions of ads and found that if the new user payment rate brought by old users sharing is 25%, then the number of new users brought by advertising is less than 10%, which is the power of the circle effect.

the operation platform may follow the progress of science and technology, but human nature will never change. We can play a role in different platforms by understanding human nature;

at present, many enterprises are encouraging employees to use enterprise wechat to operate users. For example, for the sales of some retail stores, enterprises will encourage them to direct the passenger flow of offline stores to enterprise wechat, so as to facilitate them to re reach and re transform users online.

as users become more and more accustomed to online shopping, wechat online marketing will play an increasingly important role. Next, I’d like to share with you four operation models of retail industry in enterprise wechat:

this operation model is based on the drainage of store shopping guide: generally, users are allowed to add the enterprise wechat of store shopping guide, and then provide personal services or rush purchase in the fans’ welfare group, so as to deposit the users in the enterprise wechat.

for example, when a new user selects fruits such as grapes and mangoes, the new user can taste it for one yuan, and the old user can get a reward by forwarding it to the new user; after the friend of the old user completes the purchase, he will guide the enterprise to add wechat, and then enter the welfare group to rush to buy more things to complete the precipitation of private traffic.

considering the “social security distance”, wechat’s personal ID is biased towards personalization; except for specific scenarios, users are generally not willing to add strange friends; the accessibility rate of small programs and service numbers is low, so community has become a good choice.

based on user UserID, we can directly get users’ various behaviors. With CRM system, we can know whether users consume in small programs or official account after entering groups, and the specific consumption situation.

what is worth noting here is that before building a group, we need to have a clear positioning: some groups do not need to communicate, they are specially used to kill commodities; some groups only communicate with specific content, etc.

the community e-commerce group is usually built for activities, and can be dissolved after the end of the activity. The short, frequent and fast activity rhythm can promote the participation of users in the group. But this group wants to do long-term operation is very difficult, most of them will eventually become advertising groups.

because of the epidemic situation, offline traffic has not been fully recovered. Many decision-making products are basically in the process of online delivery and private traffic operation transformation.

in WeChat ecosystem, Tencent wide point pass can not directly put personal micro signals, but it supports direct application of small programs, official account, and can directly add WeChat to enterprises.

is more valuable for WeChat, which has higher price of customers and higher threshold of user decision, than direct application of small programs and official account. Because it will take some time for user cultivation, and enterprise wechat can be directly reached in wechat through personal ID.

there are two main orientations of enterprise wechat: one is a collaborative tool like nails, which is used to improve the efficiency of internal transaction processing; the other is known as “connecting 1.1 billion wechat users”, which can be connected with wechat personal number.

when we use enterprise wechat for fission, the most important function is to obtain the unique identity of wechat contact through enterprise wechat API and link enterprise CRM.

when a user adds a shopping cart to the app but fails to pay for it, the merchant can quickly detect it, and then ask the user whether he has any concerns through the enterprise wechat, or directly send relevant knowledge, usage methods, welfare packages, etc., to speed up the user’s decision-making.

compared with personal wechat, enterprise wechat has two exclusive drainage Rights: one is wechat friend circle advertisement, which can directly put enterprise wechat for users to add; the other is that after wechat payment is completed, it can directly contact the shopping guide to add.

in the past, a customer may come to the store many times and add different wechat guides. This will lead to different quotations or different information given by different shopping guides, which will not only damage the customer’s experience, but also affect the company’s profits.

now, enterprise wechat can realize multiple shopping guides with the same live code. When the user sweeps the code, it can detect whether the user is on the WeChat of the enterprise, and also shows whether the customer’s source is the line, official account or small program.

according to a series of online operations of the user, we can know whether the user has the intention to purchase and what stage of the purchase has been reached, so that businesses can timely direct private chat according to different situations.

in enterprise wechat, we can generate customer portraits through AI smart tags, so that we can understand customers better. Customers’ preferences and interests for products will be recorded, and enterprise wechat will conduct intelligent track tracking collection for customers’ browsing behavior, and conduct batch display.

since customers have already begun to be interested in our products, you can take the initiative to contact customers, further introduce products with customers and facilitate the conclusion of transactions.

generally, after we add users, the usual sales processing is: ice breaking – demand mining – processing – customs clearance. After the formation of the tag system and the script database, we can change our scripts at each stage according to the different conditions of users.

companies that do a good job in this area will have their own complete script system. They can even see the usage times of each script in the system and count the most popular scripts. This standard play can be copied over and over again.

through various live broadcast activities and fission, users can collect coupons online and exchange them in offline stores, which can guide the enlarged online traffic to offline.

in the past, we have done a lot of interesting and effective fission in wechat ecology, such as task treasure fission, screenshot fission, one-way unlocking, group fission, distribution fission, etc.

the user’s freshness decides that the operation play needs constant innovation, but these games can be reused and still effective on the new carrier of enterprise wechat. For example:

in order to avoid many users’ feeling that adding personal wechat infringes on privacy, we can adopt enterprise wechat group fission, which can realize unlimited group access without the help of third-party tools.

the specific process is: when users see the poster, they scan the live code generated by enterprise wechat, and are automatically assigned to different enterprise wechat groups, and then share and guide fission within the group. Compared with official account, pictures and so on,

has a larger form and a higher click rate in the group. It is also a good choice to combine fission programs with WeChat.

official account official account fissile is a very effective and effective way to guide users to add WeChat to enterprises through official account or to guide users to pay attention to public numbers in WeChat.

takes the public number as an example to guide WeChat, which is the official account of the public number. The official account is generated to invite posters to pay attention to the reward and to complete the task and then to add the reward to the WeChat personal number.

we should pay attention to the fact that fission does not only exist in a certain link, but throughout the entire life cycle of users. Discover every fission link in the user’s life cycle, match different scenes and match different fission playing methods.

before a fission activity starts, publicity is very important. How to stimulate users’ curiosity in the early stage and attract more users to participate is what we need to think about in every fission activity.

explain the background of the event to arouse users’ interest and attention; explain the content of the activity and tell users what they will get; explain the time and process of the activity to indicate that the user should follow; release the notice of the beginning of the activity to point out the hot activity of the activity; indicate the huge response of the activity through the registration situation and the endorsement of the big guy; urge the user to make decisions by updating the remaining quota Take zero one fission as an example, the whole fission “wave sale” is as follows:

after the end of the activity, the user’s life cycle is usually only one or two days. If there is no follow-up and communication during this period, the user is likely to be silent; similarly, after adding the user’s personal number friend, if you don’t say hello within one or two days, it is likely to be forgotten 。

asking questions about product features, explaining industry cases according to users’ needs, etc., we need to set scripts and greet users initiatively to guide users to further inquire about effects and prices.

a complete and effective speech system needs to be created by the sales team. Only by forming a standard playing method and constantly updating, can we gather the strengths of all sales and maximize the conversion rate.

for example, we will formulate a 7-day SOP for new users to operate in the circle of friends, so that users can gradually “know you, understand you and trust you”.

we will not make all the information visible to all users, so as to avoid duplication or omission of information; we will also carry out different activities for different users at the same time to cultivate them with high efficiency.

the immersive feeling of live broadcast and the temperature sense of direct communication with people are very advantageous for the transaction. Live broadcast of the invitation list, sharing the list can also further promote the transaction fission.

relatively speaking, live broadcasting is more suitable for TOC companies. Tob companies are not likely to follow up the whole process of live transaction, while TOC companies can achieve the whole process of transaction through live broadcasting.

every time an operation action is made, the order can be offset once, which is also a process of continuous optimization and iteration. The essence of operation is to continuously absorb powder and make the process of each iteration to the extreme.

Finally, different ways of playing have the same cognition of users. The life of carriers may last for two or three years, while platforms may last for ten years, but human nature will never change. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia