How to design the member module

Members around the user operation, let the user pay the cost, and then increase the user stickiness to the platform. < / P > < p > members are divided into integral member system, paid member system and hierarchical member system. Different levels of members have different rights and interests. < / P > < p > do not be a member in order to be a member. To be a member, you must start from the purpose and design it according to the specific situation. The following module of the member system can be used for reference: < / P > < p > increase stickiness: it will increase the “frequency of use, duration of use, repurchase rate”, and cultivate the loyalty of users; verify the business model: it is fast and convenient for us Good verification of business model, whether it can be profitable; user profile analysis: it is convenient for us to better grasp the core user profile, facilitate the hierarchical operation of members and LTV management in the future; user behavior analysis: we can get more user behavior data, through the analysis of behavior data, we can understand the distribution of usage and duration of functions, so as to facilitate the future We can get a lot of behavior data, such as search history data, order data, etc. by mining these data, we can predict what users will buy and what they like next. To sum up, through the membership model, we can get a large number of user profile data and behavior data. Through comparative analysis, funnel analysis, path mining analysis, retention curve analysis and other analysis methods to analyze the data, we can better carry out product iterative optimization, instead of being the head of the product manager. < / P > < p > empathy: why do users buy members? What is the difference between buying members and not buying members? What value will members bring to users? Let users feel cool and value. Operation thinking: what positive value will be brought to the platform by developing membership module, including: attracting new users, user retention, user payment, brand value, etc. < / P > < p > 1) price preference: 95% of the users are price sensitive. They will compare the prices and find out how to buy the most cost-effective way. Then, the membership mode can reduce the cost of thinking for users. < / P > < p > there will be a big difference between the normal price of a single product and the member price, such as the global Knight card; the way of member coupons similar to the daily premium app; the package of a variety of goods and the shopping cart, with full discount; full discount, for example, a month’s IQI art club member when shopping for more than 99 yuan. 2) Faster speed: 90% of users hope to get faster speed, including: < / P > < p > when grabbing tickets, members will speed up ticket grabbing; when delivering meals, members will speed up delivery; when watching video, video will play to ads; when contacting customer service, members will be exclusive customer service; when calling, members will speed up queuing and calling; game honor will be upgraded; members will be accelerated to upgrade. 3) Double points: some users are sensitive to points, and the value of points depends on the “consumption scenarios of points”. The more scarce the consumption scenarios of points, the higher the value, the higher the sensitivity of users. < / P > < p > then the higher the user’s enthusiasm, the more members will double the points, which will encourage users to complete more tasks to obtain points.

Alipay cash, points can be deducted from the handling fee; chaos University, points can be exchanged for courses; points can also be exchanged coupons, exchange gifts. 4) Noble logo: 80% of users are vain and want to have a noble identity. < / P > < p > for example, Momo, VIP logo will reduce the other party’s distrust psychology, and facilitate better chat; for example, chaos University, Ju Ren / Jinshi / Hanlin, is a very important identification for users, which is no less than bachelor’s degree certificate. 5) Exclusive rights and interests: when many users purchase members, if they don’t know what members can do, they won’t buy them. Therefore, membership rights and interests are particularly important. Membership rights and interests will clearly tell users that there is a difference between buying members and not buying members, so that users can make their own decisions. Some people here feel that the more exclusive rights and interests of members are, the purchase of users will be hindered The less force. < / P > < p > when shopping, his core rights and interests are price concessions, others are not important; the core rights and interests of video platform are to go to advertising and watch member videos; the core rights and interests of ticket grabbing app are to grab tickets, etc. 6) Super membership day: with the improvement of 80% users’ quality of life, life increasingly needs a sense of ceremony. Treat users as their girlfriends, and occasionally create some surprises. For example, June 18 of and double 11 of tmall are shopping carnivals. In the same way, we need to hold a membership day at intervals to make users feel festive, and then increase users’ awareness of the platform Dependence, such as members’ 100 days, one-year anniversary, birthday, new year, etc. < / P > < p > 1) member income: at present, many Internet products on the market are profitable by buying members, such as tool products, such as graphite documents, etc.; many tool products are free in the early stage, so that users can develop the habit of using and the user’s work data are all on this tool; then charge, the user’s data migration cost is too high, only to pay Fee. < / P > < p > 2) data value: this kind of products are mostly like content products, and there are a lot of user data and content data on the platform. Through the deep mining and analysis of the data, it is convenient to do business layout in the future. < / P > < p > 4) business props: such products as e-commerce platform and boss direct employment enterprise side. There are many props for the business side, such as topping. < / P > < p > the answer is not necessarily. To be a member, you need to operate: turn potential members into new members, increase the payment frequency of new members, reduce the loss of members, and recall the lost members. < / P > < p > many users will no longer be active after purchasing members for one month. Therefore, when designing members, we should think well of loss warning, loss prevention strategy and recall strategy to reduce one-time members. < / P > < p > slow page loading: improve loading speed; novice don’t know how to use app: novice guide tutorial & Process Optimization & page element optimization; commodity list display commodity has no purchasing power: Page Optimization & add commodity list display element; login method is complex / frequent automatic logout login: Login mode supports third party login; payment method is single & payment often loses Failure: support a variety of payment methods, support the activities of recharging 100 to 110, reduce the call of the third-party payment interface, whether the order process is smooth, etc. The user experience is very important for C-end products. < / P > < p > commodity category, service provision adequacy and timeliness, logistics speed, commodity price, preferential strength, attitude of service personnel, brand power, market competition, order abnormal process processing efficiency, etc. < / P > < p > natural attributes: age, gender, city, occupation, education level, income level, etc.; order attributes: whether the total number of orders and growth path of the product are healthy; the average price, the paid price per unit, and the subsidies per unit; product preference: Food taste, service style, content preference, etc.; economic attributes: preference sensitivity, economic value and loyalty of users Channel attributes: IOS, Android, APP users or H5 users, applet users, user sources, etc.

official account push official account is divided into public number push, APP Push and short message push. The premise of public number push is to guide users to pay attention to official account. < / P > < p > push times can’t be more than 3 times a day, between 10 and 15 times a week. Moreover, the push time is also very important and can’t disturb users’ work and rest. For example, e-commerce platforms push new product preferential information or activity information, and can’t push during working hours. Generally speaking, users are working during working hours, and even if they push messages, they don’t have time to pay attention to them.

even if member lifecycle management, loss warning and member action incentives are done well, there will still be user churn. This is a normal phenomenon; if users do not uninstall applications and do not take official account, we will have another opportunity. < / P > < p > for potential members, the pricing method is very important. If the price is set very high, users will think deeply when purchasing members, which will lead to lower conversion rate of purchasing members. < / P > < p > therefore, when pricing, the operators can make appropriate a / b Test: for example, the daily premium is divided into four regions: North China, South China, East China and central China. The prices and coupons of provincial wallets in each region are different. What’s more, it is necessary to consider the renewal ability of members. For a low-frequency paying member, he spent 20 yuan to buy a member, but only saved him 15 yuan. So next month, the renewal ability is sure For such users, we can’t change the price of members, and we can’t treat users differently. However, we can issue some membership coupons with validity period, which will greatly increase the renewal ability of members. < / P > < p > some platforms, such as Tencent video, have already purchased VIP, but when watching, the video of the finale needs to be paid, which will cause users’ disgust; however, if they do SVIP and VIP at member level, users can be guided to upgrade SVIP. < / P > < p > What’s more, the level of members can’t be too many, so the feeling of junior members is really bad. The purpose of buying members is to be superior to others, but I’m still inferior to others. In this way, the resistance of users to pay is greatly increased. < / P > < p > the following assessment indicators are only for reference and can only analyze the overall situation. The best effect is to have a time constraint. It is better to calculate the data within a cycle to measure the product effect. < / P > < p > paid member conversion rate: paid member / total user number; member turnover rate: no second renewal member / total member number; member renewal conversion rate: number of members renewed twice or more / total member number; member renewal conversion rate: number of members renewed three times or more / total member number; member paid conversion rate: number of paid order members / total members; member renewal conversion rate: number of paid order members / total number of members Conversion rate: the number of members who have paid orders twice or more / total members; member promotion rate: the number of members who share posters / total members; member promotion conversion rate: the number of tourists / users who share posters with friends and scan the code / members with poster sharing behavior; member retention rate: the number of retained members / total members; member tasks Conversion rate: the number of members who have done the task / the total number of members; the conversion rate of members who have completed the task: the number of members who have completed the task / the total number of members; the conversion rate of recalled members: the number of members who have renewed their fees by means of operational recall / the number of lost members; the utilization rate of member Coupons: the number of coupons used / the total number of coupons, for example, 1000 coupons, If 100 coupons are used, the “member coupon utilization rate = 10%”; to a certain extent, the higher the utilization rate of the member’s coupon, the stronger the renewal ability of the member; however, if the discount intensity is small and the discount threshold is too high, the coupon utilization rate will be very low, which is easy to assess the membership mode