How to design the projector Theme B & B? Online trading volume is growing rapidly, entrepreneurs with ideas earn more

When B & B encounters projector, which room do you prefer compared with traditional hotel? It is believed that most young people or friends who want to take a trip to relax will definitely choose the former – B & B room with projector. Therefore, the projector wind homestay quickly spread all over the network, becoming the travel must choose the best place to stay. It can be seen that from 2016 to 2019, the number of housing resources and online transaction volume of the B & B industry maintained a rapid growth. In recent years, a variety of B & B entrepreneurial projects have emerged, and the domestic B & B market is growing. < / P > < p > different from traditional guest rooms, on the basis of comfort, the projector function adds a sense of technology to the traditional B & B, and also makes more movie fans crazy. For those who love to watch movies, when they travel, they can feel the customs and customs of a foreign country. At the same time, they can also choose a movie they want to watch on the big screen when they have a rest, and the guest room will immediately become a private cinema. < / P > < p > with the addition of projector, the dull guest room environment is instantly full of technology. The owner with ideas will create a variety of features, such as ins style, girl pink tender wind, log minimalist style or Nordic style, etc. In addition, the unique viewing mode and intelligent function of the projector make the travel experience to a higher level. There are many kinds of projectors, which is not a simple thing for shop owners. But if he happens to choose the right projector model for you, then the choice of travel and B & B is full marks. Projectors can be roughly divided into three types: commercial type, household type and portable type. As the name suggests, commercial type is suitable for business and teaching environment; household type is more family oriented; portable type is more portable. < / P > < p > if three or five friends live together in a villa type B & B, then the portable projection B & B may be more suitable for you, because you can move the projector to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even the outdoor garden! If it’s a small couple or sister to travel together, then the home money is more suitable. Watch the film in the bedroom, enjoy the big screen, and experience the film together. This kind of projection is generally intelligent, and the screen is bright and clear enough. The projector brand often seen in hotels earlier is dangbei projection. Recently, it has become a little popular in the B & B circle. Many guest rooms of B & B with projector theme choose dangbei projection as the main force to attract more guests, and it is also an important choice to help the store to establish a good reputation. < / P > < p > with more and more comfortable B & B environment, when choosing projector as a feature project, we can’t slack off. Therefore, many B & B creators choose dangbei projection. Behind the choice is to look at dangbei projection’s brand reputation, product performance and strong viewing experience. < / P > < p > although we don’t know who was the first person to eat crabs in this campaign, we can see that the prospect of projector themed B & B is hot, and there are still many market shares in the market, and there will be a blue ocean in the future. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction