How to do if you lose your mobile phone by subway? Baoshan Metro staff help you

Mobile phones have become our daily necessities. Many subway passengers will use mobile phones to accompany their journey. However, recently, there is a mobile phone lying quietly on the ground at a gate at Dachang station of line 7. < p > < p > it was fan Liping, the station manager on duty in Dachang town of line 7, who was patrolling the station hall at that time. When she accidentally found the mobile phone, she immediately picked it up and asked the passengers around, but unfortunately no one claimed it. Because the mobile phone is set with a power on password, fan Liping can’t get the information about the lost property and find the owner. After registering the lost items on the transportation management platform, she has been paying attention to the call status of the mobile phone, expecting the owner to call back to find the mobile phone. < p > < p > when fan Liping was worried that the mobile phone did not have any phone calls and message reminders, the customer service center reported that a male passenger was inquiring about the situation of a lost mobile phone. Fan Liping immediately took the passenger to the station master’s room and verified the mobile phone number and power on password. After confirming that the mobile phone was lost by this gentleman, the passenger was glad that the mobile phone was recovered, and said: “I thought it was impossible to find the mobile phone. I have heard about the enthusiastic service of Shanghai Metro. Today, I finally realized that it is really very grateful to the bus station.” < / P > < p > in case of lost articles when taking the subway, please contact the staff as soon as possible, and provide the specific location, time and relevant information of the lost items in time, so as to search for the lost property in the future. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?