How to establish a business model? Three kinds of business strategy, you should learn to split new business

To sum up: the product value model is the single product detonating mode, which is especially suitable for ordinary entrepreneurs. The core task is to make money and make full use of the money making thinking of social commerce; the platform value model is the front-end drainage, first solve the number of fans, and then increase the value and fission of members, and make money by the back end. The core task is to drain, member, transaction, fission and brand ; brand ecological value model, such as Alibaba, leaping byte; < / P > < p > individual entrepreneurs and start-ups should try to choose small entrances, the narrower the crowd, the greater the chance of success. There are three core thinking: 1. Light asset investment; 2. Low cost thinking; 3. Social fission; start with single product, in fact: single product thinking is not only easy to succeed, but also can become For your drainage means. Science Discovery