How to fill the vacancy of youth film and make joint marketing efforts

“I miss campus life after watching it!” “Playful and confused students, just like me in college, so real!” After iqiyi was launched online, online movies quickly reached the top 1 of iqiyi film hot search list, which triggered the audience’s discussion about campus memories. < p > < p > adapted according to the hot IP, the background of the film is put on the campus life of “learning dregs”. In the graduation season, these teenagers changed their attitude towards life through a rigorous examination, found and pursued their own life dreams, and showed their warm-blooded brotherhood. < / P > < p > Youth themed films have a high degree of topic among young people, which combines campus youth, action, comedy and other elements, and has an emotional resonance with young audiences in July graduation season, so it has achieved good volume fermentation on various social platforms.

tiktok, the movie’s tiktok, the volume of the movie is over 290 million, and netizens talk about the most heated things on campus. The main player Wang Yuexin’s “homophonic challenge” has attracted many fans to imitate and spread. He just hit the top of the list of the voice and Internet Movie Marketing. < / P > < p > high quality films shape word-of-mouth with content itself, but they also need accurate marketing methods to add to the icing on the cake. It is the fourth film of iqiyi joint marketing. Prior to this, iqiyi has cooperated with three films. < / P > < p > after upgrading the marketing model, the overall marketing strategy of the platform pays more attention to the promotion effect of films on the split box office. According to the data, as of April 2020, among the A-level online films launched by iqiyi, the films with marketing effect above the average directly brought about an increase of more than 10% of the average box office share, and the innovative marketing methods have stimulated greater potential of sub account box office 。 < / P > < p > then, what are the innovative marketing methods and methods of joint marketing? What channels should be selected? How to endow Internet Movie? Small entertainment through this film as an incision, to explore new ways and new value of online film marketing. Thanks to the popularity of the original works, this IP has established a good reputation and accumulated a certain audience base. Different from the original work of suspense criminal investigation, the film version focuses on the growth of campus youth. In the opinion of sun Xue, marketing director of iqiyi film center, “the users of online movies are actually relatively young men, so it is a new direction and a new incision for us to do campus theme for this circle.” < / P > < p > based on the film positioning, targeted marketing planning is carried out. One is to select the appropriate online node. June and July is the season of college entrance examination and college graduation. The movie stars have a happy and full time on campus, but they also face the future choices such as postgraduate entrance examination and job hunting, which is extremely consistent with the current situation of students. < p > < p > from the posters and preview materials released, the main visual color is red color, which symbolizes the color of hot blood and youth. In addition, the poster also uses lively cartoon form to show Yu Ji’s way of attacking students, which is consistent with the theme of young and sunny in the film. < p > < p > < p > “Brotherhood” is an important resonance point of emotional connection with the audience. The film depicts the daily campus life of Yu Ji and the school slag group, focusing on showing the psychological growth process of the teenagers, such as the messy boys’ dormitory, discussing how to chase beautiful girls when they are garrulous, helping brothers steal the chance to win the game, and then apologizing and making friends after winning the game, so that more male audiences can find the shadow of their college life, and also stimulate their memories and feelings of the friendship between friends and brothers. < / P > < p > in the topic guidance, we focused on the vertical channels where male users concentrated, such as Hupu, to ferment topics such as “campus Brotherhood” and “graduation nostalgia”. For example, “after graduation, it’s really difficult for brothers in a dormitory to get together!” the comments are all about the memories of good college brothers. Therefore, more male users can participate in the discussion and realize the secondary communication in the community. < p > < p > in addition, through the linkage of stars, Wang Lixin’s personal influence was used to drive the attention of different groups to the film. Wang Yuexin Kwai Kwai, micro-blog tiktok, fast hand, shaking four platforms for the marathon relay live, among which Wang Yuexin jumped in the studio to “priceless sister”, also showed the guitar playing theme song, and even with the fast hand red man Guo teacher interesting interactive Mai Mai…… Wang’s youth is also reflected in his youth. < / P > < p > different topics and diversified marketing methods are adopted in different channels, which also stems from the fact that the current marketing channels are more and more subdivided, and more targeted investment strategies are needed. “We have noticed that the short video platform is a good propaganda position for online movies, and some unique contents can be well disseminated.” Sun Xue said, “one is the film and television commentary content that young users are interested in, and the other is in the content segmentation, which is novelty seeking, emotional oriented, or Douban high score films, etc., and the content that can catch the eye can also get better communication.” Sun Xue further said, “in the past, film makers focused on exposure, but now they also attach importance to investment and transformation. We find that the short video platform plays a role in achieving a closed-loop transformation from planting grass to returning long-term video to watching movies.” < / P > < p > behind the above series of strategic marketing tactics, the platform is aware of the important support brought by marketing cooperation to box office transformation. In the project development stage, iqiyi decided to use the joint marketing method to go online, and made a long-term plan for the continuous development of IP content and the overall IP marketing. < / P > < p > joint marketing is the upgrading and innovation of online film marketing mode proposed by iqiyi last July. Over the past year, what impact has joint marketing brought to the online film marketing market? In addition, through these cases, Xiaoyu found that joint marketing was helpful in topic response and box office growth. < / P > < p > “for each film, we have set up different solutions for it, which are suitable for the type and temperament of the film itself.” Sun Xue said. < / P > < p > is a comedy film with plot. Chen Xiang’s team is rooted in the field of short video. They have a strong sense of what users want. This film focusing on small people integrates the current social characteristics of “small town youth and killing Matt youth”. Iqiyi has achieved online and offline integrated marketing, expanded word-of-mouth effect and effectively reached the target audience by customizing cinema line patches, promoting interesting short films, and landing more than a dozen spot shows and online viewing films. According to the real events in Tangshan earthquake, the realistic theme has the value of national topic, and naturally has the emotional point of empathy, which is a brave attempt of network film theme. After the film was launched, iqiyi combined with the Mid Autumn Festival and other nodes to guide the warm topics such as “who would you like to fight for? And” who would you like to fight for? With the help of the short video marketing, the topic was extended with the help of short-term video marketing, leading to public praise fermentation of tap water and stimulating consumption transformation. < / P > < p > adapting ancient classics into science fiction themes and integrating crime suspense elements to observe human society from the perspective of artificial intelligence is also a bold innovation rarely seen in the online film market. Iqiyi and the film company jointly planned the cyberpunk style dynamic posters and 60 trailers and other ultra clear materials. Among them, the theme poster of “shivering night” was widely laid on the large screen of buildings and squares offline, and the dynamic materials were laid in the station to capture people with vision. < / P > < p > “on the one hand, for these films with innovative theme types, we hope to provide the film makers with marketing resources and marketing cooperation in addition to the regular services of the platform.” Sun Xue said, “on the other hand, we also hope that through the common marketing investment and the formulation of marketing strategies, we can help the film obtain better conversion effect in terms of word-of-mouth or income, and bring social and economic benefits to the platform itself and the film side.” < / P > < p > in fact, joint marketing has received a good response. From the data, the box office performance of these films all entered the monthly list of the month when they were released, with a total of 18.587 million, 13.693 million and 9.489 million respectively. In addition, the mode of joint marketing also mobilizes more film companies to expand the scale of marketing and invest in effective film marketing. Sun Xue said that more and more film companies have offered to publicize online films with the mode of joint marketing. < p > < p > specifically speaking, joint marketing puts marketing before the market, which is more directional for the dissemination of film content. On the premise of channel resource integration, different channels are combined with diversified entertainment marketing methods for different circle groups to enlarge the topic effect and realize the process from planting grass to diverting interest. < / P > < p > for iqiyi, joint marketing is a big step in content operation and service transformation and upgrading. Film makers can understand the original intention behind the mode innovation and join in the joint formulation of marketing strategies, which is conducive to the standardization and refinement of online film marketing methods. It has been proved that this business model has achieved initial success. In the first half of 2020, the box office increment of iqiyi’s A-level online films whose marketing contribution rate exceeds the average exceeds one million. < / P > < p > first of all, from the perspective of the market environment, online films are moving towards the road of high-quality content in content production, and more original content works are emerging. For example, films such as those are building standard cinema movies and processes. More mature production mode will also accelerate the process of “breaking the circle” of online movies. < / P > < p > in terms of market scale, in the first half of this year, the number of online films online has been stable, and the overall box office scale has been improved. According to the box office list of the first half of the year released by the three platforms of “aiyouteng”, nearly 400 online works have been launched, including 9 films with more than 20 million accounts, which is far higher than the level of the same period last year. < / P > < p > affected by the epidemic situation, more and more users choose to watch movies on the big screen this year. The growth of TV traffic has become a new point in the box office of online movies. IP or series works still have certain advantages in the split box office. In terms of theme expansion, the industry has also developed and supplemented realism, science fiction, animation and other types, and the content track has blossomed in many aspects, breaking the shackles of uneven quality and thin types of original online movies. < / P > < p > the film marketing market also ushered in a good change. An important trend is that more and more attention has been paid to online film marketing, and the scale of investment is also increasing. Many high-quality head works are no longer simply pursuing the box office revenue, but also considering the film’s own influence and word-of-mouth communication, which requires more innovative and effective marketing means. < / P > < p > in this process, the platform and film are facing some new market requirements. On the one hand, in order to let the film play its heat potential and create a topic with popular discussion, more refined marketing operation is required. For example, according to the circle attribute of different audience groups, the channel selection should be more biased. On the other hand, on the basis of opening up the channel of resources, relying on the forms of star linkage and cross-border marketing, we can achieve diversified playing methods and more experiential interaction. < /