How to make the clouds beautiful and make them add luster to your scenery works

The sky has different shapes and unpredictable clouds, which make the world colorful. But it is not easy to keep the beautiful sky scenery with photos. Shooting clouds needs skills. Here’s a brief introduction to some skills and common sense of taking clouds to help you take good pictures of clouds. < / P > < p > just like shooting other scenes, the best time to shoot clouds is in the morning and evening, because the light in the morning and evening is the softest in the day, and the color of clouds is also the most abundant. If you shoot in the middle of the day, you can only get blue sky and white clouds at most, and the picture is relatively monotonous. < / P > < p > when shooting cloud theme, we should not only shoot clouds, but also combine with other elements. Here we can shoot the combination of silhouette and cloud. We choose to shoot cloud silhouette in the morning or evening, because the light angle is low and the light is soft, which is the best time to shoot. At this time, we will open the aperture to measure the light of clouds, In this way, the interesting scenery on the ground becomes a silhouette, and you can get a beautiful combination of clouds and interesting silhouettes. < / P > < p > when shooting clouds, in order to avoid monotonous clouds, we can choose some suitable prospects, such as buildings, plants, mountains, etc. as the foreground of the picture to compose the picture for shooting. < / P > < p > we can shoot the seemingly fixed clouds with dynamic flow effect, which requires the help of a tripod. We slow down the shutter, shoot with a slow shutter, and even shoot with the B gate. We adjust the sensitivity to the minimum, and adjust the aperture to a small aperture. In this way, the exposure time can be prolonged and the magic cloud effect can be shot. < / P > < p > when we shoot portraits, if there are beautiful clouds in the sky, we may as well use them as the background of the portraits. When shooting, it is recommended to shoot in an open place. It is best to shoot in the morning and evening. Then we focus on the faces of the characters and shoot with a small aperture, so that the nearby portraits and the clouds in the distance are clear. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?