How to photograph the rotating orbit

Shooting the orbit is different from shooting the sky. The sky can be directly presented in front of the camera, and the orbit needs some special shooting techniques to present it in front of our eyes. The orbit is the continuous moving track of a star after a long exposure. In other words, the camera position is always fixed when shooting the orbit, and the orbit depends on the rotation of the star. < / P > < p > to shoot satellite orbit, we must combine the landscape with the sky. We can’t only show the sky, otherwise the picture will be boring and monotonous. The ground scenery must choose some magnificent or interesting scenery to act as. < / P > < p > shooting the orbit of a star is different from shooting the sky. When shooting the sky, we often open the aperture to shoot, that is to say, we use a large aperture to shoot the sky. When shooting the star orbit, we don’t need to open the aperture very much. Generally, we can shoot the orbit with an aperture of about F4. In terms of focusing, we need to focus on the infinite position. We can try to take a few pictures to see if they are all clear. If the stars on the screen are clearly photographed, then it means that the focus has been focused at the infinite position, and then we can take pictures of the star orbit. < / P > < p > when shooting the satellite orbit, the exposure time should not be too long. Generally, the exposure time should be set at about 20 seconds. If the exposure time is too long, the ground scene will be too bright, and the picture effect will not be very good. In terms of sensitivity, low sensitivity can be used, such as setting it to 400, which does not need to be set very high, as long as the shooting requirements are met. < / P > < p > satellite orbit shooting is usually a stack of many photos, one of which is taken at intervals. Therefore, we need to use the shutter line for automatic shooting control. In addition to the stack method, we can also use the B gate for long exposure shooting. In this method, the camera can not shake at all during the shooting process, otherwise the previous efforts will be wasted. Here, Xiaobian still suggests that you use the stack method to shoot the orbit. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally