How to restore the chat records deleted by wechat? Free scan, fast recovery

How to restore the chat records deleted by wechat? Now wechat is our main way of online communication, so there are many important chat records in it. But if we accidentally delete the important data in wechat, how can we retrieve it? What tips can help us restore our wechat chat records? Keep looking down. < / P > < p > open the wechat on the mobile phone, enter “recover” in the search box, click the “wechat repair tool” that pops up, select “fault repair” and then click “chat record”. After the system is repaired, restart wechat. < / P > < p > this method is mainly used for abnormal situations such as chat record confusion during the use of wechat. When the data is normal, it is suggested that partners do not try to avoid new and unpredictable errors. < / P > < p > if the important chat records are manually deleted by mistake, or the chat records are lost due to unloading wechat, we can use professional data recovery software for recovery operation, and the better ones are the following: < / P > < p > Kaixin mobile phone Recovery Master is a data recovery software that is fully compatible with IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and supports the recovery of wechat chat The operation method of 17 commonly used data, such as daily record, SMS, photo, etc., is very simple: < / P > < p > first download and run the software on the computer, and then select the mode of “recovery through device scanning” by default to enter the next step. The advantage of this mode is that no data backup has been done in advance, and it does not affect the use. After entering the data item selection interface, click the “wechat chat record” icon and wait To be scanned by software. After scanning, the deleted wechat chat records will be displayed separately in orange font. Check the part to be restored, and then click “restore to device” or “restore to computer” in the lower right corner to complete the operation. < / P > < p > if it is not convenient to use the computer to run happy mobile phone recovery master, you can also download the happy mobile phone Recovery Master app directly from the mobile phone. The specific operation steps are as follows: < / P > < p > if you are using an Android phone, you don’t have to worry. Since Apple mobile phone has such specialized data recovery software, Android mobile phone also has it. The following method is applicable In the case of Android’s wechat data loss, whether you mistakenly deleted the chat dialog box of friends by hand or mistakenly deleted the wechat chat record when cleaning up wechat, you can try the following method. < / P > < p > first, download and install it according to the major app stores provided by the mobile phone or Baidu search of senior brother Zhuo’s official website, and install it on the mobile phone. How to restore the chat records deleted by wechat? Have you learned the above recovery methods of wechat chat records? Small partners in need can choose the corresponding recovery method according to their actual situation. I hope today’s sharing can help you! New product launch