How to shoot fog scene, these knowledge and skills, please accept

As the weather turns cool, foggy days gradually increase. Although it affects travel, for us who love photography, foggy weather is a rare opportunity to shoot. It can produce poetic and picturesque effects, which is very beautiful. But friends who are not familiar with foggy days are often in trouble and can’t take good pictures of foggy scenes. This lesson will introduce you some common sense and some shooting ideas in foggy days for your reference. < / P > < p > the generation of fog is formed by evaporation of water vapor, that is to say, the temperature should be increased. This time node is when the sun just rises. About half an hour is the best time to shoot. At this time, the water surface of rivers, lakes and seas will fog. In addition, the fields and woods after rain will also fog, but the fog on the water surface is not as big as that on the water surface. < / P > < p > when the fog is relatively large, a little farther away is a vast expanse of white, so we can only take pictures of the nearby scenery. If we take portraits in thick fog, remember to turn on the flash, otherwise there will be problems in the exposure. < / P > < p > the exposure operation for photographing fog scenes is the same as shooting snow scenes. According to the principle of “white plus black subtraction”, the exposure compensation operation should be increased after the light measurement. Generally, 1-2 levels of exposure compensation should be added, so that the foggy scene will not be gray. < / P > < p > many people like to shoot scenes with fog, because fog can cover up a lot of messy scenery and leave space for the picture. At this time, we might as well set the shooting mode to black and white mode, and then take pictures of mountains and waters, which will have a vague feeling, giving people a kind of artistic conception of ink painting. < / P > < p > the fog in the forest is very layered under the sunlight. In such a scene, we can take some interesting subjects, such as the scene of an old farmer leading a cow to farming, which can give people a sense of relaxation and relaxation. Due to the combination of dust particles and water mist, the fog is slightly heavier than the air and generally accumulates in the lower places. At this time, we can set the position on the mountain and shoot from a high altitude. Because the fog is distributed in a thick or light way, the effect of this shot is faint and beautiful. < p > < p > the river is a place where fog is easily generated, and it is also a place where we often go for shooting and creation. For example, we can take pictures of a boat following the waves or fishing with a net. The scene has mountains, water, mist and full of artistic conception. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally