How to show the ability of organization and coordination for civil servant interview plan

Planning, organization and coordination questions have always been the favorite of all kinds of examinations. In the process of interview, the most important thing is to test the examinee’s ability of planning, organization and coordination, or simply called the ability of “handling affairs”. If you give a task to you, whether you can successfully complete it depends on many aspects, such as the coordination and arrangement between departments and personnel, the organization of activity process and the solution of unexpected problems, as well as the guarantee of funds, props, audience and other elements in the process of activities. However, most of the examinees only make a simple activity frame list when answering this kind of questions. The details of the activity are seldom involved. Even some candidates answer the same type of activity basically, which does not reflect the characteristics of the activity itself. So what problems should we pay attention to in the examination process to make our organization and coordination ability more obvious? Next, the education experts of China public education take an example to analyze: < / P > < p > example: in order to further promote the innovation and development of e-commerce industry in a city, and explore new ways of e-commerce mode policy breakthrough, your unit intends to organize e-commerce enterprises in this city to hold e-commerce talks, and lead you to be responsible. How would you organize it? < / P > < p > to organize an e-commerce conference, in order to enrich the specific details, we can try to create a picture of the activity scene in our mind, and make our answers more specific through the way of Picture Association. In the e-commerce fair, we need to build the fixed objects and activities on the site. The fixed objects include the on-site video equipment, table and chair furnishings, publicity posters, display commodities, etc., and the activity objects are mainly the e-commerce and on-site staff who come to attend the meeting. In addition to associating elements, you can also associate processes. For example, at the beginning of the meeting, the host should open the meeting and the leader should give a speech. During the meeting, there are experience sharing of well-known entrepreneurs, collection of problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, and collective discussion of development plans. At the end of the meeting, the leaders can make a summary of the future development plan and take a group photo on site. In a word, the construction of the scene picture of the activity can help the examinees to consider more details in answering activities, reflecting their ability of organization and coordination, which is different from the simple and crude accumulation of processes and elements, and specific analysis of specific problems to make targeted answers. As for the process of association, it can be carried out according to the elements or the process, or according to the examinee’s own thinking habits, according to their previous experience in organizing or participating in activities. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine