How to show the youth flying you have these mobile phones on the line

Young people are now the main consumers of mobile phones. In order to meet the consumption needs of young people, major mobile phone manufacturers have paid attention to the appearance, performance and photography. Today, I would like to recommend a few mobile phones that are very suitable for young people, so that you can show a vibrant youth. < / P > < p > the biggest selling point of oppo reno4 Pro is its appearance design. The new Reno Glow crystal diamond technology is used on the hyperbolic glass body, which looks like a galaxy of bright and shining. The color of the body has four kinds of crystal diamond silver, crystal diamond red, dream black and titanium blank. In addition, reno4 Pro has a very thin fuselage size, which is only 7.6 mm thick and weighs only 172g. The screen of oppo reno4 Pro is also of high quality. The screen size is 6.5 inches. It is a hyperboloid flexible OLED screen with 2400 * 1080 resolution. It supports 90hz refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate, screen fingerprint, and has passed hdr10 + certification and Rhine low blue light certification. Let the user have a clear, open and smooth use experience. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro has three rear cameras, which are 48 million pixel main camera, 12 million ultra wide angle lens, 12 million long focus lens, and 32 million front lens to meet the needs of various scenes. < p > < p > Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, as soon as you hear the name, it is specially designed for young people. Xiaomi 10 youth version 5g has five colors to meet the personalized needs of young people. Their names are black Qiao storm, blueberry mint, peach grapefruit, four seasons spring milk green, White Peach Oolong. The five color matching names are named after the fruit name, giving people a fresh feeling. In addition, Xiaomi 10 youth version is as light as 192g, and its thickness is only 7.88mm. It is also very portable and holds well. It has a 6.57 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080, screen brightness of 600 nits, peak brightness of 800 nits, and contrast of 430000:1. In addition, it supports DC dimming, HDR 10 / 10 + video broadcasting, and has passed the German Rhine TV low blue light certification. The screen material is Corning No.5 It’s made of gorilla glass. < p > < p > Xiaomi 10 youth 5g has four cameras in the rear, including 48 million AI ultra clear four camera, 8 million 50 times zoom periscope zoom lens, 8 million ultra wide angle lens, independent macro lens, and 16 million ultra clear lens in front. Xiaomi 10 youth version of the camera quality is outstanding, to meet the needs of young people to take photos. < p > < p > Xiaomi 10 youth version 5g is also equipped with snapdragon 765G chip, with strong performance and perfect support for 5g network. The battery has a capacity of 4160mah and supports fast charging of 22.5w. < / P > < p > in terms of color matching, realme V5 has three colors: Silver winged youth, dawn light, and blue out of blue. All the three colors in the name make people feel a strong sense of youth. Silver wing youth adopts bold logo design design, while dawn light and blue out of blue are designed with new dislocation mirror light mute mosaic pattern design. The three colors are very distinctive. < / P > < p > realme V5 also has a high-quality screen, the screen size is 6.5 inches, the proportion of the screen is 90.7%, and the high refresh rate of 90hz is adopted, and the screen proportion is 20:9. < p > < p > in terms of photographing, realme V5 has four rear cameras, namely, 48 million super clear main camera, 8 million wide-angle lens, black-and-white lens and portrait lens, and the front-end is 16 million portrait lens. The division of labor of the four lenses is clear and collaborative, so as to meet the daily needs. < p > < p > realme V5 is also equipped with Tianji 7205g chip and advanced 7Nm manufacturing process, which has strong performance and perfectly supports 5g network. Realme V5 also provides 30W smart flash charging, which can charge for 3 minutes and listen to songs for 5 hours. In addition, the trickle charging speed is increased by 200% and the conversion rate is as high as 100%. < p > < p > the whole fuselage of Huawei maimang 9 is only 212g, and the average thickness of the fuselage is only 8.9mm. Although the screen is large, it is extremely light. The color of the whole fuselage is mainly composed of cherry snow and clear sky, fairyland forest and magic night black. The color matching naming is very young, which is more in line with the aesthetic orientation of young people. < p > < p > the screen size of Huawei maimang 9 is 6.8 inches, with a 20:9 screen ratio. The four sides are designed with micro frame, and the proportion of screen is as high as 90.33%. The screen resolution of Huawei maimang 9 is 2400 × 1080. In addition, the screen of Huawei maimang 9 has passed the Rhine low blue light certification, effectively protecting eyesight. < p > < p > Huawei maimang 9 adopts a post three camera design, which are: 64 megapixel main lens, 8 million pixel wide-angle lens and 2 million depth of field lens. In addition, there are 16 million pixel front lens, supporting AI beauty, portrait night shooting. < p > < p > Huawei maimang 9 is also equipped with Tianji 800 processor, which has strong performance and can perform various tasks smoothly. Huawei maimang 9 provides a 4300mah battery and supports 22.5w fast charging. The thickness of iqoo z1x is 9.06mm, the weight is 199.5g, and the screen size is 6.57 inches. The appearance and touch of the fuselage shell are very close to the texture of frosted 3D curved glass, so it has a sense of grade in the same price. < p > < p > iqoo z1x adopts the hole digging screen design in the upper right corner. Inside the hole is a 1600W pixel front selfie lens, the screen resolution is 2408 * 1080, the scale is 20:9, the screen refresh rate is as high as 120Hz, and it supports the manual switching and intelligent mode switching of 60 / 90 / 120Hz refresh rate. The top, left and right are all narrow borders, with 90.4% of the screen. The vision is very open. In terms of cameras, iqoo z1x has three cameras in the rear: 48 million pixel main camera, 2 million pixel virtual camera, 2 million pixel macro camera, and 16 million portrait lens in front. Several lenses are customized for young people’s daily scenes, which are very practical. < p > < p > iqoo z1x also has a 5000mAh large built-in battery, which supports 33W flash charging. It can charge more than 60% in 30 minutes and 90% in one hour. Iqoo z1x also carries a snapdragon 765G processor, with good overall performance. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?