How to solve this problem?

Recently, China Mathematics Association, the most widely covered academic organization of mathematics in China, issued a report, which puts forward four opinions on how to correctly carry out academic evaluation according to the characteristics of mathematics. Among them, the first opinion is about the contribution evaluation of the paper, saying that all authors should be regarded as equal contributions if they are sorted by surname alphabet. < / P > < p > compared with the effort of the whole scientific research work, signature is not a big problem. However, because the academic paper is the most direct way to display scientific research achievements, the signature of the paper means the ownership of the achievements, which is very important for scientific researchers. The signature problem seems small, but it is not small. Therefore, after the issue, it caused attention and discussion inside and outside the mathematics discipline. < / P > < p > Why did Chinese mathematics make such a statement? This should start from the practice of signing scientific research papers. The first rule is commonly known as the “alpha beta” order, in which the co authors are ranked by their surnames, and all the signed authors are regarded as equal contributions. This sequence has been in use for many years, and has continued to this day in some fields, such as mathematics and high energy physics. Under this rule, only those who have made substantial contributions to the paper will be signed, and ordinary contributors will only be mentioned in the form of thanks. < p > < p > however, there are more and more challenges in the field of mathematics. Many colleges and universities require the first author’s thesis to obtain a doctorate, so they have to break this ranking rule. In addition, when mathematics workers cooperate with economists, biologists and other scholars in other fields, they need to adapt to the signing habits of other disciplines. However, the biggest challenge of this signature method still comes from the administrative management such as subject evaluation and academic evaluation. All kinds of evaluation just want to separate one from the other, which is essentially contradictory to the same contribution. On the one hand, it can promote the development of mathematics through objective evaluation, on the other hand, it can not attack the enthusiasm of cooperation between mathematics workers. < / P > < p > the second signature rule is to sign papers according to their contributions. In this way, the most important authors are the first and the last. The first one is often the graduate student doing experiments, and the last one is the tutor of the graduate student, that is, the general director of the whole research. The second and third place are the positions of other authors. To a certain extent, this ranking method limits the cooperation enthusiasm of interdisciplinary researchers, which is not conducive to producing significant results. < / P > < p > in order to solve this problem, scientists set up co first authors. In 2019, Professor Shi Luping’s team of Tsinghua University demonstrated the balance, target detection and tracking, automatic obstacle avoidance and other functions of the bicycle with a brain like computing chip “tianjixin”, breaking the limitations of proprietary AI and providing a platform and ideas for the development of AI. This achievement appeared on the cover of the magazine. There are eight co first authors of this article. Not long ago, the quantum prototype computer built by Professor Pan Jianwei’s team of University of science and technology of China runs 10 billion times faster than the superconducting bit quantum computing prototype released by Google last year, realizing the superiority of quantum computing. Relevant papers are published online in magazines, and there are four co first authors of the article. In retrospect, Professor Xue Qikun’s first article on quantum anomalous Hall effect, and four co first authors. < / P > < p > although there is the expression of “common one”, people still tend to rank the first, and the common “one work” is the most important. Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has set up a new interdisciplinary department, which aims to focus on supporting the development of interdisciplinary subjects and promote the cooperation among scientists in various fields. I believe it will make scientific researchers feel that the contributions made together are really equally important from the bottom of their hearts. Every scientific research worker will encounter the distress and contradiction of the signature of papers. Only by fully communicating and understanding with each other, can they learn from each other, solve major interdisciplinary problems, and enjoy the joy of publishing papers. Of course, this is also inseparable from the further clarification and reconstruction of the rules by the academic community. < / P > < p > the United States announced that Switzerland is a “currency manipulator”, economists refuted the aggravation of the epidemic situation and the deadlock of brexit, and Britain’s title of “not easy Christmas talent” was “clearly marked”? What kind of moon samples did the Ministry of education take? Can the public see it? What is education like in the age of artificial intelligence? 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