How to transfer Xiaomi’s mobile phone address book? How to transfer photos can be solved by changing mobile phone

In normal use, the service life of a smart phone may be about three years. For high demand users, < / P > < p > replacement cycle is shorter! When enjoying the new experience of smart phone upgrading, how to transfer photos and other data has become a big problem. Mobile phone users like me are more concerned about the transfer of some Android phones, such as Xiaomi mobile phone’s address book. Today, I’d like to share some solutions with you, hoping to help you. < / P > < p > how to transfer photos when changing mobile phones? Generally speaking, mainstream mobile phones have their own data migration function when changing mobile phones of the same brand. If they can’t use their own function, they usually use the third-party data migration management software to transfer data. The QQ synchronization assistant I’ve tried feels pretty good. In addition to transferring photos, they can also use the chat software with one click Even if the mobile phone is not around or the file is out of date, the file data can still be retrieved. It also supports other app files and local files for cloud backup, intelligent management, and perfectly solves the problem of file expiration. For example, some Android phones, such as Xiaomi mobile phone address book transfer, I also encountered such problems when I first changed my mobile phone. It took a lot of time to edit so many contacts in the address book one by one to the new mobile phone. I tried to change the phone one by one before, and then log in to the new phone account one by one. But now the mobile phone data is more and more complex and diversified, one by one The replacement can’t meet my needs any more. QQ synchronization assistant can realize full data migration, which is suitable for Android phones and apple phones. In particular, it can back up the phone address book to the network with one click, synchronize back to the phone at any time, and no longer need to copy and paste one by one. Finally, I’d like to share with you the most original and reliable method. To transfer the Xiaomi mobile phone address book to the new mobile phone, you can use the wireless Bluetooth function of the two mobile phones to send the contacts to the new mobile phone. It’s just a little hard work, but it’s not impossible. You can have a try to see which data transfer method you like. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer