How to translate product launch?

Kity0126, who pays attention to English in Hujiang, has encountered a question about it. Six people have put forward their own opinions.

putting into the market, entering the market, listing, etc.. In short, in general, when product launch, consumers can find and buy products in the market.

Hello, it’s not English major, but if you want to take an English BEC certificate, is it suitable for intermediate examination or from the beginning?

can you tell me the process of shipment created and shipment export by agent translated into China express?

I haven’t used English for many years, and I want to be engaged in import and export related industries. I’m still filling in the amount of words while learning Business English by myself. Is there a more effective way to improve

please ask the teacher, I want to attend the BEC intermediate on June 2, 2018, do I need to finish the advanced part of BEC? Time is a little tight, I can’t finish the elementary course

Author: zmhuaxia