How to use Apple phone to connect computer

There is no doubt that Apple has always been one of the hottest smartphones in the world. Apple’s products always seem to have unique magic power. Although only one new iPhone is released every year, it does not affect people’s enthusiasm for Apple products. So users always need to use the Apple phone to connect to the computer. How to do this? Here’s how to use the Apple phone to connect to the computer.

connect the genuine Apple phone data cable to the USB port on the computer, and the computer system will automatically identify the internal memory of the Apple phone. The internal memory includes photos and videos on the phone, which can be copied from the Apple phone to the computer on the computer.

Apple mobile phone directly connected to the computer can not only open the memory, but also charge the mobile phone battery through the USB port of the computer. When the iPhone is charging, you can see the charging battery icon in the lock screen interface, and you can also see the battery in the charging state in the upper right corner of the screen.

if you want to use a computer to manage Apple’s mobile phone, in addition to directly connecting the phone to the computer, you need to use Apple’s iTunes software to manage other contents on the iPhone, such as applications, music, movies, ringtones, messages, etc.

then connect the iPhone to the computer with the original data cable, and then open the iTunes software. When the iPhone is recognized by iTunes, click on the iPhone device icon.

then you can enter the management interface of iPhone. The top row of management content categories, such as summary, information, applications, ringtones, etc.

besides managing the content on the iPhone, iTunes also has a very powerful function, that is, it can refresh the firmware for the iPhone, just as the computer re installs the system. There are two special buttons “check for updates and restore iPhone” on the summary screen of iTunes.

for example, when an Apple phone has been jailbroken and needs to be restored in case of a problem, you can restore the firmware system here. At this time, please press and hold the “shift” key on the keyboard, and then click the “restore iPhone” button on the iTunes,

then in the pop-up file selection window, select the Apple phone firmware prepared in advance, and click the “open” button. Then it automatically extracts the firmware and restores the firmware system to the phone.

Author: zmhuaxia