How to use Huawei multi screen collaboration? Good use of it can improve work efficiency

If you buy a Huawei notebook, one of the features that deserves special attention is the multi screen collaboration function. Many screens can greatly improve the efficiency of daily use and office work. Let’s take a look at how to make the best use of the multi screen collaborative function of Huawei notebook. < / P > < p > multi screen collaboration is a method that allows you to easily complete the interactive transmission between mobile phone and computer, complete cross system interaction in a simpler way, and provide a more convenient use experience. < / P > < p > to enjoy the multi screen collaboration function, you need a Huawei / glory notebook and a Huawei mobile phone supporting NFC function. The computer manager on the computer side needs the latest version, and the mobile phone system needs to be emui10.1 or above. < / P > < p > turn on the NFC function of the mobile phone, and close to the NFC label on the notebook, you can automatically pair and connect. The whole connection process is very simple. In addition to NFC connection, it can also be connected by scanning code and wired way. < / P > < p > after the connection between the mobile phone and the computer is established, a mobile phone window will appear on the desktop of the computer. Through this window, you can interact with the mobile phone on the computer to realize the interaction without boundaries. Multi screen collaboration has several main functions, such as fast transfer of files, operation of mobile phone on computer, and sharing of shear board. < / P > < p > in work, it is often necessary to transfer files between mobile phones and computers. In most cases, files can only be transferred between mobile phones and computers through cable transmission or chat tools. These transmission methods will be troublesome or have low transmission efficiency, and the multi screen collaborative function can solve this problem. < / P > < p > on the computer desktop, all files on the virtual mobile phone desktop can be browsed directly, and all operations can be completed by keyboard and mouse. After you have selected the mobile phone files on the computer, long press the left mouse button to start the drag and drop function, and then drag and drop them directly to the computer. The whole process seems to be local to the computer. The transmission speed of the test is as fast as 40MB / s, which is not only convenient but also fast. < / P > < p > files on the computer can also be drag and drop directly to the mobile phone, but you need to open the mobile phone file manager or gallery first, and you can’t drag and drop the files directly to the mobile phone desktop. With this file transfer function, file transfer between mobile phones and computers becomes simple and efficient, saving time and energy. < / P > < p > in addition to file transfer, if you need to use the pictures on your mobile phone when writing an article, you can directly drag and drop the pictures into the word document after selecting them. All of these can greatly improve your work efficiency. < / P > < p > the multi screen collaboration function also supports the sharing of the cutting board between the mobile phone and the computer. The text copied from the computer can be pasted directly to the mobile phone, and the text of the mobile phone can also be pasted to the computer. < / P > < p > for example, you usually record information on a mobile phone note. If you want to use it for work, select the corresponding text on the mobile phone and press Ctrl + C / V directly on the keyboard to paste it, just like copying text on a computer. When sending express, you can copy the address on the computer directly to the mobile phone to fill in, and there are various rich scenes, which can truly realize the almost seamless connection of mobile phone and computer. If your computer supports the touch screen function, the drag and drop operation will be more convenient. < / P > < p > in addition to the above transmission function, various functions and apps on the mobile phone can be used on the computer terminal. Computer mobile phone, mobile phone, text messages, etc., you can tiktok on the computer, check SMS, etc., do not always stare at the phone, do not miss the call or SMS. Tiktok

HUAWEI multi screen collaboration function also has low latency, quick response characteristics, mobile phone on the computer is very smooth, brush, shake, micro-blog and other responses are very fast, there is no phenomenon such as carton and other operations, the overall interactive experience excellent, these can enhance the experience of multi screen collaboration. < / P > < p > the mobile computer interaction experience brought by Huawei’s multi screen collaborative function is quite excellent, which can realize almost seamless interactive experience between mobile phone and computer. For friends who often need to share information between mobile phones and computers, it has an irreplaceable excellent experience. Huawei’s multi screen collaborative function can not only achieve more efficient and convenient interaction, but also has the characteristics of low latency and smooth operation, which make the multi screen collaborative function more convenient to use. < / P > < p > if you happen to have a Huawei / glory notebook and a Huawei mobile phone that supports NFC, you should not miss Huawei’s multi screen collaboration function, which can effectively improve your work efficiency. Try it quickly. Science Discovery