How to use the combination of matrix to do live broadcast?

What live broadcasting platforms are there? Tiktok Kwai tiktok: Sun Honghe, let me summarize this: 8 live platforms are the key points of the current broadcast: live broadcast of live sound, watermelon video, small volcano, Tencent live broadcast, 100 live broadcast, Taobao live broadcast, live broadcast and quick live broadcast. Sun Honghe: how to do a good job in the combination of the next? < / P > < p > 1. Single platform multi number operation; 2. Single account multi platform operation? At present, these two combinations are very common. For example, sun Honghe chooses a single personal number to operate on multiple platforms, and one live broadcast of multiple platforms at the same frequency. However, some wechat businesses often like to register multiple accounts and then group tactics to attack one platform. Generally speaking, the more influential an individual is in the whole network and the stronger his desire to be a social public figure, he / she should give priority to single personal number + multi platform operation. This advantage lies in: it can spread personal brand assets with great advantage resources, operate on multiple platforms at the same frequency, have influence on each platform, and increase the brand atmosphere of network marketing; for example, Sun Yat Sen Honghe, you Baidu sun Honghe, the name of many platforms is sun Honghe. Tiktok Kwai:

, but for a live selling and live broadcast entrepreneur, there is no need to think much about the public influence of the former. Just play a platform, such as selling the key points and making quick hands, and selecting the trill. Then you can register multiple numbers, and then attack a platform together. This is the wolves tactic. It’s kind of like a pack of wolves to bite the prey. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction