How will the White House’s “war” on wechat affect the global technology industry?

China’s president tiktok Trump signed an executive order recently. WeChat mobile and overseas version of jitter overseas are threatening national security in the United States. It will be prohibited from any US individual or entity to engage in any transaction with tiktok, WeChat and its parent company in 45 days. According to foreign media reports, given that Tencent, the parent company of wechat, is closely connected with the global technology industry, Trump’s “war” on wechat may have a more extensive impact on wechat than the White House realized, as well as more harm to ordinary consumers. < p > < p > as one of the most valuable and influential enterprises in the world, Tencent has a far-reaching influence in the ecosystem of science and technology and start-up enterprises, including Epic Games, riot games and Activision Blizzard. The games of these companies include,, and etc.

in recent years, Tencent has also thrown billions of dollars to Tesla, an American social media company snap and an electric car manufacturer. Other investment projects include transportation network company LYFT, autopilot auto zoox, etc. As a Japanese group with huge investment funds, Softbank was once regarded as the king of science and technology. However, according to a recent statistics released by Hurun Research Institute, Tencent has surpassed Softbank to become the second largest company to invest in private enterprises valued at more than $1 billion, ranking third only to Sequoia Capital. According to pitchbook, a market research firm, Tencent has made 53 global investments this year, compared with 37 for Softbank. But Softbank is more active in the US market – Tencent has only three deals in the US this year, compared with 16 at Softbank. Tencent and other active Chinese investors have already begun to retreat as Sino US relations have become increasingly strained in recent years, CNN said. This can be traced back to 2018, when the Committee on foreign investment in the United States strengthened its scrutiny of transactions involving certain technology products. < / P > < p > at present, with Trump’s “war” on wechat, analysts believe that wechat may be subject to more regulatory shocks. According to reports, after trump signed the executive order, Tencent’s share price showed a downward trend. “The most likely person to be a strong investor at New York University of business is Mr. Sun’s interview with China business school But the trump administration may “seriously impede Tencent’s global expansion ambitions.”. < / P > < p > some analysts believe that the trump government may expand the scope of attack to companies related to Tencent, which does not rule out the possibility that Tencent will eventually be forced to reduce its shares in other businesses. < / P > < p > “the U.S. hasn’t focused on the game yet,” said Paul trioro, head of business at the Eurasian Group, a consultancy. “But it could be next.” The move to ban tiktok and wechat represents “unprecedented US government intervention in consumer technology”. According to reports, Luo shuohan, chief financial officer of Tencent, said in a conference call recently, “according to our preliminary interpretation and subsequent news reports, the administrative order is mainly aimed at wechat business in the United States, rather than other businesses in the United States.” “We are looking for further clarification,” he added. It is reported that 45 days after the promulgation of the administrative order, U.S. individuals or entities who violate U.S. government regulations will face sanctions. But as for how to define the so-called “transaction”, the U.S. Secretary of commerce should make it clear 45 days after the executive order is issued. Although it is not clear how to implement it, trump seems to have sent a provocative signal to Chinese technology companies. The verge, the US technology media, pointed out that, given Tencent’s close ties with a number of US companies, the administrative order may have a profound impact on the entire technology industry. < p > < p > take apple as an example. An administrative order may force apple to remove wechat from the app store, and it may also fundamentally change the way apple develops and sells new products in the future. < / P > < p > it is understood that almost all of Apple’s key manufacturing and assembly partners are in China, and the Chinese customer base is crucial to it. For hundreds of millions of Chinese users who rely on wechat services, an iPhone without wechat is hardly a mobile phone. Without wechat, Apple might be hit hard. The social media market may be subverted by trump and cntik. But at the same time, another administrative order issued against wechat may upset more enterprises. < p > < p > it is reported that more than a dozen large US multinational companies, such as apple, Disney and Wal Mart, recently communicated with the White House on their actions against wechat, expressing concern about the possible wide-ranging impact of their administrative orders on wechat. “The uncertainty facing investors and businesses in the US market is at an all-time high,” said Harry Brodman, a former U.S. trade negotiator “This is not the time to inject more uncertainty into the economy,” he said Privacy Policy