Howe: Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative edition host carries its ov48c CMOS

IT’s home August 13th news today, Howell group on WeChat public number issued a statement, said the official account of the 10 extreme commemorative millet carried OV48C CMOS.

the it home learned that the super large bottom of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative edition comes from the 48 million pixel ov48c of Howe group. The 1 / 1.32-inch optical sensor uses Howe’s Purecell plus chip stacking technology to provide high-quality still image capture and video performance for flagship smartphones, officials said.

Howe said that ov48c is a high-definition mobile phone image sensor equipped with DCG HDR function. It is also a flagship mobile phone image sensor that can provide 48 million pixel resolution, 1.2 micron pixel size, high speed and high dynamic range on chip. The ov48c also integrates an on-chip four in one color filter array and hardware pixel restoration algorithm, which can provide high-quality 48 million pixel output 8K Bayer video in real time, which also brings high-quality 8K video recording ability for Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition. In addition, ov48c is also a high-definition mobile phone camera image sensor equipped with DCG HDR function. This function can effectively remove motion artifacts and bring better signal-to-noise ratio. At the same time, interleaved HDR scheme with on-chip synthesis function is also provided to ensure that R & D personnel can flexibly select HDR mode for specific scenarios. Older posts →