HP confirms that the reverb G2 VR head display will be delivered in November

HP launched the $600 PC VR head display reverb G2 earlier this year, and now officials have finally announced the delivery date of the product. < / P > < p > if you book HP reverseb G2 during the first wave, you can get it in early November. “The time / date of the pre order is expected to give priority to our channel partners,” HP noted. If you buy it now, you can receive it in December. < p > < p > HP reverseb G2, developed in cooperation with valve and Microsoft, uses the technology of the two companies to provide 2160 × 2160 monocular panel resolution, and the optical design is provided by valve. The headphones come from valve index and are designed with off ear speakers. In addition, there is the “inward and outward tracking technology” on Windows hybrid reality headphones. < p > < p > according to it home, HP has also revealed that it has also made several improvements to the head display design, including updating the lens to reduce the reflection of the Fresnel ring and improve the clarity. The menu button on the controller is now dome shaped, so that windows and menu buttons can be distinguished by touch. The box also contains an adapter from usb-c to usb-a. Older posts →