Huang Zhang launched the old for new program, Meizu 16 for 17 can also contribute to environmental protection!

It has released a micro blog that has surprised many of our friends. The core of the microblog is that “16 changes to 17, which is easy and comfortable”. You have no mistake, that is, Meizu < / P > < p > I think a large part of this may be related to our environmental protection. As we all know, in recent years, ecological problems are very serious, so all walks of life are very heavy As a matter of fact, this is especially true in the special industry of mobile phones. If the batteries in old mobile phones are not recycled formally, they will cause great pollution to the environment. For example, a cell phone battery is enough to pollute a person’s life’s drinking water volume – 60000l. Now the mobile phone is updated so fast that it is discarded The number of discarded mobile phones has also greatly increased. Just imagine how much water resources will be polluted if these mobile phones are not treated properly. It’s very terrible to think about it. So I said that Huang Zhang’s trade in activity this time is very good, so that everyone can take advantage of idle mobile phones to participate in this activity and contribute to environmental protection. < / P > < p > in fact, for users, it’s worth trading in the old for the new one. First of all, exchanging the 16 series for 17 can not only offset a part of the money for a new mobile phone, but also change it into a 5g mobile phone. What’s more, Meizu 17 is no worse than the 16 Series in any way. If you don’t believe it, I’ll take you to glance at. < / P > < p > the most intuitive beauty. First of all, many of our users have reported that when we first saw this Meizu 17, we were amazed by the unique color of the mobile phone. At the beginning, there were three kinds of color matching of Meizu 17: Dreamy unicorn, songshen ink and seventeen gray. Although there are only three colors, don’t underestimate them, because they are the three First of all, the dream Unicorn naturally needs to be said. Its name is so dreamy. Of course, the color can’t be bad. Whether it’s a girl’s own purchase or a boyfriend’s gift to the other party, it’s a very good choice to ensure that you can’t turn your eyes off. The next step is to have a deep ink It’s a little dark, but it’s fresh and energetic, which highlights the temperament. And the last seventeen degrees of gray is really versatile. No matter it’s a cool girl, a successful person with a successful career, or an ordinary employee, it has no sense of peace. Moreover, due to the call for the new color of Meizu 17, Huang Zhang has carefully launched it There are two new colors for you to choose from: interstellar grey and Wilderness green. The smooth glass has a transparent texture, fresh and elegant; Ag glass has a delicate touch and a pure and simple light. < p > < p > so, no matter from what aspect, the old for new activity of Huang Zhang is worth promoting. Moreover, Meizu’s after-sales service is the best guarantee. If you have 16 series, what are you still hesitating about? Take action! Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine