Huaqiang BEIMEI make-up new label – you buy the fairy water and small brown bottle from the purchasing agent, which may come from Shenzhen

Yi Zhengrong remembers that when he looked up on October 20, he saw the word “digital” off the signboard on the roof of Huaqiang North Manha Digital Plaza. Different from the original blue light-emitting words, the new “beauty” lights up a rose red light in the dark night. On the facade of the building, the giant poster of Huawei mobile phone is still there, but on the other side, the advertisement of “world brand beauty · converging Manha square” has already been put up. Every detail conveys the change of Huaqiangbei to the outside world – beauty is becoming a new fashion.

skii fairy water 230 ml 710 yuan, small brown bottle essence 100 ml 620 yuan…… The wholesale price of these popular beauty products in Mingtong beauty market is only 50% off or even lower than that of the counter. More and more short videos of exploring secrets have made Mingtong market with 1400 stalls out of the circle in cyberspace. < p > < p > two years later, Mingtong digital mall, which once had a vacancy rate of 40%, has changed its declining trend. The success of Mingtong’s transformation, like a hurricane with butterfly wings, has brought about business transformation in Huaqiang North Business District, which is 1.45 square kilometers. As of November this year, seven commercial buildings, including Mingtong, women’s world, Manha, Wanshang and Yuanwang, have transformed into professional beauty markets. < p > < p > as the “largest electronic product distribution center in Asia” and “the first electronic street in China”, Huaqiangbei once reached the peak of glory. Will beauty, which is far away from electronics, be the next spring here? < p > < p > “in Huaqiangbei, you can do whatever you want”, says Li Lin, a 33 year old Hunan native. Li Lin only took 10 days to enter the beauty industry, but he was not satisfied with this speed. “It should have been done in four or five days.”. < / P > < p > with the warming up of Huaqiangbei beauty market, more and more businessmen with a keen sense of smell like Li Lin want to enter the market to seek opportunities. In June, the transfer fee of Manha mall was less than 100000. Four months later, Li Lin doubled the transfer fee for a 10 square meter stall. Li Lin was originally engaged in the IC chip industry, and his file was opened in the New Asia e-mall not far from Manha. Because of the new epidemic, his foreign trade orders had a huge impact and his business was damaged by 30%. It is the first time for Li Lin to take the initiative to stand on the air outlet in the past 12 years. < / P > < p > “I think I can do it myself.” Although he is a cosmetic layman, Li Lin is full of confidence in this adventure. He is optimistic about the growth of high-end cosmetics consumer market. “Does anyone else not know what a little brown bottle is? I may not know what the use of this thing, but consumers have studied it many times and beauty brands have educated consumers thoroughly. ” When

met for the first time, Li Lin’s shelves on the first floor of the Manhattan beauty market were not half filled. The essence water and cosmetic cotton displayed in the display cabinets were mostly transferred from their peers. < / P > < p > “when you enter this industry, you have to deal with your friends in the market. You can’t have a lot of things just after you enter the industry, right?” Although there is no stable source of goods, Li Lin is not worried. He decides to start from the transfer of goods and earn the price difference first. “The more you do, the more you have the right to speak, the channel will come to you.” It is only a few tens of meters from Li Lin’s stall to Huaqiangbei pedestrian street, but he pays more attention to the distance from Mingtong beauty city, “Mingtong is the core”. < / P > < p > in Mingtong, few people are willing to stay for things that do not create economic value. Before accepting an interview with the media, Chao Shan businessman Jin Liang asked the visitors to spend 510 yuan to buy a 50 milliliter CLARINS double extract. “Alipay arrives 1320 yuan”, “Alipay arrives at 600 yuan”… From noon to early morning, the clear female voice of paying treasure to the account in Mingtong market of Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen has been one after another. A running errant brother in the market can buy hundreds of cosmetics and $50 thousand worth of products every day, and a daily stall on the third floor can reach more than 200 thousand yuan a day. 23, the shop selling carton boxes and foam shops around the beauty market has not been closed yet; Lingchen 1, the tear tape and packing and packing are still going on. < p > < p > < p > “honey, I’m sorry.” at 7:00 p.m., Yi Zhengrong picks up her daughter’s phone and apologizes. On that day, her 12-year-old daughter is eating at home alone. Yi Zhengrong, who is busy at the stall, orders a takeout for her, but lacks a shrimp dumpling after delivery. A year and a half ago, Yi Zhengrong and his wife Xiang Jie went into the beauty industry. He could not count how many days his family had not had dinner together. < p > < p > Yi Zhengrong, 54, is also from Hunan Province. At the age of 24, he came to Shenzhen to do business consulting and opened an electronics factory for 15 years. When he came to Huaqiangbei to do make-up, Yi Zhengrong pulled a trailer to allocate goods between the two shopping malls every day, packed and sent them by express. He could only go home in the early hours of the morning. Tiktok Yi Zhengrong, who has eyes, will learn from the red book and the voice operation. Two friends and two mobile phone friends will expand their list. < p > < p > in Mingtong beauty market and women’s world in Huaqiangbei, Yi Zhengrong has three shops in total, but there is only one employed by Yi Zhengrong. He and his wife have to guard one room alone, and the other one is closed temporarily until more employees are available. < / P > < p > in today’s beauty mall, the most popular one is “little sister”, that is, store customer service. Walk around Mingtong market and within a few steps you will see a notice for recruiting younger girls. The age is 18-25 years old. Chaoshan people are preferred

Yi Zhengrong described them as “panda class scarce”. Although the wages are not high, the gold content is not low. “The beauty industry is not large, there are two thousand or three thousand products. They have to understand the characteristics and price of each product, whether they are playing or other things, they can also enjoy tiktok, and satisfy all these conditions. They are more precious than pandas.” At first, Lin Xu didn’t want to be interviewed. “When the business is good, others are jealous.”. As the general manager of Mingtong, the “first crab eater”, Lin Xu, 44, wants to keep a low profile. < / P > < p > unlike the imagination of the outside world, Mingtong’s “second spring” is not easy to come. Since 2015, many rounds of transformation trial and error have been flourishing. In the words of Lin Xu, the leader of business transformation, “they are all carrying them step by step with their teeth clenched.”. < p > < p > at the Mingtong digital city building on Zhenhua South Road in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, the signboard of “Mingtong cosmetics market” has been hung up, and the words “Mingtong digital city” on the back have not been removed. < / P > < p > “if there was no transformation at that time, we could only wait for” death “, and we must find a way to jump out.” Mingtong mobile phone city, which opened in 2005, after the highlight of the mobile phone store, has stagnated since 2010. The market has changed from full rent to 5% vacant. In four years, the vacancy rate has risen to 40%. < p > < p > in 2014, Mingtong mobile phone city was changed to Mingtong digital accessories city, but the mobile phone market shrank and the business of digital accessories was not easy to do. Mingtong market has also done smart wear for a short time. “In 2015, we investigated the glasses market, which is not suitable.” < p > < p > in 2016, Mingtong opened up wechat business zones on the first and second floors, and by the end of the year, businesses were withdrawn. But to Lin Xu’s surprise, more than 10 cosmetics stalls did not withdraw shop, “they said that they could not earn much money, but could maintain it. This is a good phenomenon.”

in May 2017, the experiment started from 44 berths on the two floors. At that time, Huaqiangbei had no reputation for beauty, and merchants would not choose the location here. Lin Xu tried a lot of investment promotion methods. He was free to rent for half a year, and sent e-mails to the cosmetics shops of tmall and Jingdong to settle in It took two months to fill the position. < / P > < p > “only the half floor of the stall that is not facing the street has been changed.” Lin Xu did not dare to make a big fuss. He did not know whether the promising beauty makeup could be grasped. He held the digital accessories in his hand, but did not dare to release it completely. “If cosmetics can’t go on and electronic products are lost, it will become a disgrace.” < / P > < p > the door-to-door recommendation for investment promotion has become a thing of the past. Now, once there is a shop vacancy in Mingtong beauty city, it is immediately robbed. The transfer cost of the golden position is as high as several hundred thousand or even one million yuan. < / P > < p > as the first professional market with women as the theme in China, the women’s world has a history of 25 years. In its heyday, women’s world, as a landmark building, was surrounded by shopping malls such as men’s world and children’s world. < / P > < p > similar to the fate of Mingtong, before the contract expires in 2019, the vacancy rate of women’s world is nearly 50%, and the once “business card” has gradually become a synonym for the low-end. < p > < p > in the second year of the opening of women’s world, Liu Yan worked here, working step by step from the floor manager to the present investment manager. Recalling the grand scene of that year, he couldn’t help but raise his voice, “around 2000, the transfer fee for a small compartment in the women’s world would cost 300000 or 400000!” Before April this year, the managers of women’s world business still want to continue to do their old business, learn from Wuhan’s experience, and transform women’s world into another Korean clothing wholesale city. After some argument, however, the idea was overturned. Women’s world decided to follow the general trend of Huaqiangbei to enter the beauty industry. < / P > < p > in September, the women’s world opened its doors again. This time, the suffix “Shangshui beauty” was added. Originally selling clothes, headwear, cosmetics All inclusive women’s world began to do a single category – imported beauty. In terms of rent, market managers have given extremely preferential policies. Until September 2021, the store rents a 50% discount. After each merchant signs a contract, the mall also presents a set of live broadcasting equipment. < / P > < p > < p > “women’s world” shopping mall tries to build an omni channel marketing matrix of platform sales, live delivery and short video. The picture shows a live team invited by a beauty shop on the first floor of women’s world is bringing goods. < p > < p > in October, Huaqiangbei successively opened three beauty shops, but Lin Xu was not worried about competition. “Merchants pay attention to concentration. There is only one restaurant in a street. No matter how good it is, people only say there is a restaurant there. If a street is full of restaurants, it is a food street, and its fame far exceeds the effect brought by a restaurant. It’s a good thing that Huaqiangbei beauty market is blooming everywhere, “Lin Xu hopes that Huaqiangbei beauty market will become more and more famous. < / P > < p > although the digital electronic products in the counter are replaced by imported cosmetics, for Mingtong market, it is still positioned as “wholesale”. The shopping mode is simple and efficient. There is no warm introduction and no room for bargaining. < / P > < p > “to serve, you can go to Maoye. We are not the same as selling cosmetics in the counter. We can make a few cents a dollar for a product. If you want to buy it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to buy it. The counter also send sample, clear sample only sell not send, this is included in the cost After chatting with the reporter for 10 minutes, more than 700 unread wechat appeared in Xiangjie’s mobile phone. The wechat circle of friends is her important marketing position, and the volume of goods sold through wechat every day is more than that of physical outlets. < p > < p > the official website price of 75 ml Estee Lauder small brown bottles is 1150 yuan, while in Mingtong market, the wholesale price of 100ml small brown bottles is 630 yuan. Huaqiangbei beauty products have obvious price advantage. Although the wholesale profit of cosmetics is not as good as that of electronics, Yi Zhengrong and Xiangjie, as veterans of the electronic industry, know that they can’t go back, “the peak of electronics can’t go back, just like the official media have said, Sino US relations can’t go back to the past