Huaqing launches a new generation of deskmini Mini PC

It was reported on August 7 that Huaqing recently released a new generation of deskmini Mini PCs, two of which support Intel and AMD platforms respectively. < p > < p > Intel adopts h470 platform and is compatible with 10 generation core processor. Amd adopts X300 Series platform and is compatible with sharp dragon 4000 series processor. The new deskmini has changed the shape of front panel and strengthened the drawing texture. The volume is still 1.92l. It is equipped with STX specification motherboard customized by Huaqing, which can accommodate two SATA hard disk bits, one m.2280 and one m.2230 Wi Fi / Bluetooth. < / P > < p > in terms of expansion bit specifications, the two mini PCs are basically similar. Compared with h470, X300 lacks three in one usb-c back interface. Both of them use DC interface for power supply, and HDMI, DP and VGA interfaces are also provided for video output. Users can adjust the main frequency of the processor. At present, the old deskmini is also divided into A300 and h310. The price of Jingdong is also 999 yuan, and the new one is expected to be around 1000 yuan. From the configuration point of view, it can meet the basic office needs of most people. The small size does not take up the space and is also convenient to carry. It should be officially sold in the near future. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia