Huawei 5g has broken the ice again. Another big country supports Huawei. Welcome to participate in 5g bidding

Huawei’s achievements in 5g field are obvious to all operators in various countries. Therefore, many countries and regions will choose Huawei when facing pressure from the United States. Even though the UK announced last month that Huawei was banned from participating in domestic 5g network construction, many countries and regions in Europe and other continents have not changed their position.

recently, after domestic operators such as Germany, Belgium and South Korea have said that they will not exclude Huawei from the bidding qualification, another big country has announced its support for Huawei. The country is Brazil, and vice president of Brazil, Mo Lang, has said frankly that Huawei is welcome to participate in the 5g bidding in Brazil.

at present, Brazil’s friendly attitude is very likely to let Huawei 5g “break the ice” again. As early as last year, Brazil had the intention to extend an olive branch to Huawei. Now the vice president of Brazil has once again stated that Huawei’s technology is far away from other competitors, which undoubtedly gives Huawei a reassurance.

of course, the Brazilian president chose Huawei because of his own interests. In my opinion, there are at least three factors that make Brazil have to accept Huawei’s 5g technology.

as we all know, Brazil is not as rich as European countries. It is precisely because of this factor that Huawei’s 5g solution, whose price is 20% lower than that of its competitors, can capture the hearts of Brazilian operators.

in addition, it is almost impossible for Brazil to dismantle Huawei’s communication equipment like the UK. At present, one third of Brazil’s 4G networks are supported by Huawei’s communication equipment. Replacing the equipment will not only waste money, but also have opportunity costs, and may even delay the construction of 5g in Brazil.

Huawei’s 5g network performance has been ahead of its competitors for a year or two. If Brazil wants to survive the 5g network era, it must choose the most advanced technology, especially when the countries around it have chosen Huawei’s solution. Even if the construction speed of 5g is not inferior to that of its competitors, due to the differences in solution providers, Brazil may still lag behind its neighboring countries.

trade between the two countries is close, and China is an important import country of Brazil’s products. Although Huawei is a private enterprise, judging from the current situation, if Brazil makes Chinese enterprises suffer unfair competition treatment, China is bound to implement the same standard countermeasures against Brazil, which will have a great impact on Brazil’s development. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia