Huawei analysis: which is better, curved screen or straight screen?

According to the micro network news on August 7, which is better, curved screen or straight screen? It is also a problem discussed by many people. This paper is specially sent by Huawei’s pollen club. As everyone knows about the face-to-face screen, the pollen Club focuses on curved screen.

  1。 High end image: different from the traditional face-to-face screen, the curved screen mobile phone gives people a more high-end feeling with its unique characteristics, which makes it open the gap with ordinary face-to-face screen and highlights its unique high-end attributes and selling points.

  2。 Super cool touch: different from ordinary face-to-face screen, curved screen will bring super cool holding experience. Because the curved screen has a certain radian on both sides of the fuselage, when we hold the mobile phone, the radian will be more close to the palm of the hand. The palm and the mobile phone have been completely integrated into one, giving people a feeling of being as warm as jade. < / P > < p > thanks to the radian on both sides of the curved screen body, when we slide the full screen gesture back and forth from both sides inward, the fingers gently slide along the radian of the screen, which is extremely comfortable, which can’t be experienced by the face-to-face screen.

  3。 Visual shock: different from the face-to-face screen, the border of curved screen can be very narrow. As the curved screen extends to both sides of the fuselage, it feels that the screen on the screen has a three-dimensional depth extensibility. Compared with the direct screen, the visual experience is undoubtedly more shocking.

  1。 Wrong touch: the normal face-to-face screen will not touch the screen on both sides because there are borders on both sides of the screen, so there will be no wrong touch problem. The curved screen has a large radian on both sides of the fuselage. When holding the mobile phone, the palm of the hand will contact with the curvature of the surface on both sides of the fuselage, which will inevitably lead to accidental touch.

  2。 Film sticking is difficult: due to the arc on both sides of the curved screen body, the toughened film appears helpless in front of the curved screen, unable to achieve a comprehensive fit. Even if it is the current market more popular hydrogel film, quantum film, its fit is still not very perfect, the corner radian part of the fit is not very friendly, that is, it only plays the anti scratch effect. Therefore, the coating of curved screen is a big problem.

  3。 More fragile screen: due to the large radian on both sides of the curved screen, the area of the screen touching the ground will increase correspondingly when the screen is accidentally landed. In addition, it is difficult to paste the film itself, so the probability of broken screen is greater than that of facing the screen directly. < p > < p > in the end, the pollen club said that compared with the face-to-face screen, the curved screen does have some disadvantages, but it has disadvantages and advantages. In some aspects, the experience of curved screen is incomparable to that of the straight screen. As for which one is better, there is no standard answer. There is no good or bad, only suitable or not, which depends on the needs and preferences of consumers. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine