Huawei and apple compete! The best king in 2020 is coming soon. How would you choose?

Everything will be in order. There are too many surprises waiting in September, and the digital circle’s partners are also waiting. It’s estimated that those who want to change their phones are waiting for a big move. Although Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 12 series will be delayed, it seems that the price is still in a big suspense. < / P > < p > market news is also fast, and things that have not been released are compared. After all, Huawei and apple have been pushed into the wind. Huawei mate 40 series and iPhone 12 series are also the two flagship models expected this year. Huawei should maintain the strong design of last year. After all, there are not many competitors following the trend in the market. However, cook’s knife method in recent years seems not so accurate, iPhone It is estimated that the style of the previous generation will still be retained, and we still need to continue to endure it. The new comparison focuses on Huawei Kirin 9000 and apple bionic processor A14. The performance and low power consumption of processor in 5g era are the focus of attention. < p > < p > from 2019 to now, Huawei has brought great changes to the entire mobile phone and digital market. Hongmeng OS has also begun to try on TV. After the smart screen, many smart TVs have started to carry out AI control with cameras. A series of intelligent experiences and the performance improvement of notebook computers have been carried out. At the same time, more attention has been paid to the selection of screen and screen proportion. The camera of Huawei notebook computer is placed on the keyboard The region does not affect it, but the image quality will be distorted due to abnormal photo taking, and the Android Tablet Market is starting to recover and look forward to. Don’t mention tablet computers, just think about the iPad. < / P > < p > mobile phone new weather in September! Huawei’s intelligent hardware has launched a heavy attack, and two major systems have become the focus of attention. Yu Chengdong can’t wait to speak on the stage. It seems that Huawei’s full scene new products should not have mobile phones. Huawei mate 40 series may continue to be released after the iPhone 12, and it will still be the first in foreign countries and followed by China. Notebook computers may also be Huawei’s own game book. Previously rumored Huawei desktop computers, including monitors, are also possible. Of course, Huawei watches, Huawei speakers, and Huawei routers are iterative updates of old brands. After all, Huawei’s 1 + 8 + N multiple ecological environments are quite mature. < p > < p > of course, the hardware is very mature, and the software and system have become a key step for Huawei to open a new chapter. The new chapter 2.0 of Hongmeng OS shows that Huawei’s self-developed mobile phones will also be heavily attacked. The system that has been in operation for many years should be most concerned about compatibility. After all, the big norms of the whole market need to be constantly improved and run in. Google’s system still needs to continue to be used. Peace is the king. Emui 11 also allows users to see new UI, new design, new functions and new interaction. Because no matter how strong the hardware is, it also needs a smooth system to maintain, so as to retain users. < / P > < p > there are many discussions on changing mobile phones in this year’s topics. The flagship and 1000 yuan mobile phones are a watershed, and 4G and 5g are also a watershed. So how often do you change your phones? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine