Huawei caught off guard? ZTE 5g new machine will be released on September 1, the world’s first off screen shot

What are the main forms of mobile screen? It is estimated that everyone can answer this question. At present, the mainstream mobile phone screen forms are: Liu Hai screen, water drop screen, hole digging screen, front lens pop-up full screen and so on. Since Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi, put forward the concept of “comprehensive screen”, the mobile phone industry has been pursuing a comprehensive screen with a larger proportion of screens. 100% of the screen share should be the ultimate form of full screen pursuit. At present, the screen of Liu Hai, the screen of water drop and the screen of digging hole can only be a transitional form. < / P > < p > how to achieve 100% full screen? The key point is how to deal with the front camera. Why does the water drop screen have “water drop”? Why should the hole screen be opened? The aim is to make room for the front camera. Therefore, as long as the problem of front camera is solved, 100% full screen can be achieved. < / P > < p > in all kinds of programs that pursue 100% full screen, the off screen lens undoubtedly becomes the best solution. As the name suggests, the off screen lens is to set the front camera at the bottom of the screen, so that the front of the phone is completely a whole screen, so as to achieve 100% full screen. However, the technical difficulty of under screen lens is how to ensure that the front lens area has sufficient light input without affecting the screen display effect. Because the screen blocks the lens, it naturally affects the amount of light. For this problem, some manufacturers have provided their own solutions. For example, China’s domestic OLED screen manufacturer vicino announced in early June that invsee’s off screen camera solution has become the world’s first mass production application level off screen camera solution. What is the plan of vicino? Originally, vicino is divided into the main screen and sub screen two parts. Among them, the sub screen is used to block the front camera. The main screen is normally displayed, and the secondary screen can ensure that the front camera has sufficient light input in addition to display. Vicino’s solution is to create a high-quality sub screen, while eliminating the brightness difference, color gamut display difference and perspective difference between the transparent sub screen and the main screen, realizing batch delivery. Vicino uses transparent OLED components and high transparency new materials to create a sub screen. At the same time, it adopts the industry’s first driver circuit and pixel structure design to avoid the interference of pixel driving circuit on the lens, suppress the influence of transparent area display wiring and pixels on the front camera, which can greatly improve the front camera effect. In addition, the software of the front camera can also complement the algorithm. < / P > < p > after vicino released its own off screen camera solution, many people in the mobile phone industry have been speculating, which mobile phone manufacturer will adopt this solution first? Who is the first to release the off screen lens will probably mean the first manufacturer in the industry to release the off screen lens. At that time, some people speculated that it was Huawei, oppo, vivo, or Xiaomi. Now, the answer is finally revealed, and ZTE has become the first manufacturer to adopt the vicino off screen camera solution. < / P > < p > according to the information of Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s terminal business division, President of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., and LV Qianhao, director of ZTE’s consumer experience department, ZTE will release the world’s first mass-produced off screen camera phone axon a205g on September 1, which uses the scheme of vicino. ZTE Ni Fei, LV Qianhao and other executives are constantly preheating the phone. < / P > < p > according to the information disclosed by Ni Fei, LV Qianhao and others, ZTE axon a205g has a whole screen on the front, without bangs, water drops and holes, so as to achieve a real comprehensive screen effect, and the screen proportion can reach 100%. In the back of the fuselage, it is the back of the fuselage, which adopts a rear four camera lens. The main lens pixel is 64 million, and the other three lens pixels are 8 million, 2 million and 2 million respectively. The front lens has 32 million pixels. < / P > < p > ZTE’s global launch of off screen camera phones caught Huawei off guard. Because a lot of people have speculated that it should be Huawei’s global first off screen shot. Now ZTE is one step ahead. It is estimated that many people have never thought of it. Huawei has always shown itself to be ahead of others in terms of technology, but it is really embarrassing to be one step behind now. In the mobile phone industry, ZTE’s brand awareness and market share are far less than Huawei’s. Now Huawei has been defeated by ZTE, which is a bit embarrassing. < / P > < p > it can be imagined that after the release of ZTE axon a205g, many brands of models will adopt off screen lens. Because the off screen lens can achieve 100% full screen, after all, it has become the mainstream form of mobile phone screen in the future. After this, what Liu Hai screen, water drop screen, dig hole screen will be eliminated. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia