Huawei confirms that it is working hard to develop a mobile phone equipped with full screen fingerprint identification and off screen camera

Android authority, the it home news media, reported on August 17 that Huawei confirmed its work on full screen fingerprint recognition, allowing users to touch anywhere on the display to unlock a mobile phone or specific application. Now Huawei has shared more information about the technology and its general availability with Android authority. The full screen fingerprint identification certification requires a number of sensors installed under the display screen, which makes the design process of the smartphone more complicated. In addition, as the front camera is also under the screen, several smartphone brands are studying the technology of self-camera in the display. So can we see a Huawei mobile phone that includes both radical technologies? The home of it has learned that the more noteworthy challenge is that full screen fingerprint recognition requires multiple biometric sensors, rather than just one as we see on the current mobile phone. However, Huawei said it is working to “reduce the cost of sensors” as one of the moves to market the technology as soon as possible. In theory, multiple fingerprint sensors also mean the increase of power consumption, but Huawei is trying to solve the problem. In fact, the company says it is using machines to learn, providing power only to the screen part of your finger’s contact, rather than power the fingerprint sensor on the entire screen. Huawei also provides a very rough schedule, and we can expect when this technology will enter the market. But Huawei’s mate40 series phones clearly do not have full screen fingerprint recognition and off screen cameras. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia