Huawei Developer Conference cloud service innovation laboratory live experience upgrade

Huawei Developer Conference 2020 will arrive on September 10, 2020. In the keynote speech of the conference, Zhang Ping An, President of cloud services for Huawei’s consumer business, explained the great progress of Huawei’s HMS ecosystem in the past year. The five root services of map, search, browse, payment and advertising met the basic needs of most mobile applications, Huawei’s HMS core’s open core capabilities in graphics, artificial intelligence, media, systems, security, and intelligent terminals have also opened up a brand-new digital life innovation imagination for developers. < / P > < p > then, where is the innovation imagination reflected? The Innovation Laboratory of cloud service digital experience center of Huawei developer conference has provided us with multi-dimensional display. The exhibition area is divided into three themes: the new definition of impression, the digital progressive time and the future beyond space and time. Let me show you how interesting and popular the site is. < / P > < p > in the interactive game of the “new definition of impression” interactive exploration area, the experiencer logs in the game with eye alignment, that is, they can aim at the virus with their eyes, and the more “anti-virus” in the limited time, the higher the score. This is the use of eye tracking technology to bring new forms of interaction to innovative applications and a new intelligent interactive experience to users. All the friends who have played the game on the spot said: the eyes are so busy! < / P > < p > the exploration area of “future super space time” shows the new ar interactive experience brought to users by the “never seen” innovative application. The scene restores the parallel world’s unseen galaxies 1:1 to create immersive super perception experience and extend the palm virtual scene to reality. Here, users can experience two innovative forms of interaction: AR and VR. In the parallel world you haven’t seen before, you can interact with different dimensional boys and girls and pet dogs under the starry sky to complete the journey to the unseen planet. The scene can also take photos with them, leaving a mark on this magical ar journey. It’s fun to move your fingers. < p > < p > < p > < p > the VR music in the exploration area of “digital progressive time” is a new application based on VR technology extension. Users wear VR glasses and instantly become the lead singer of the band, immerse themselves in the scene of hi singing. The spotlight on the stage lights up position C, and the audience is enthusiastic. In the whole 360 ° VR scene, they can enjoy the call of fans, sing loudly and experience the brand-new feeling of “real star”. < p > < p > ar remote assistance is an innovative application that can help users solve problems remotely and improve communication efficiency by sharing the mobile phone screen of helpers remotely, providing voice, arrow marking, graffiti and other functions. More can help remote cloud office, remote brainstorming, intelligent linkage communication, convenient and fast. < p > < p > through multi-dimensional and multi-level innovation experience, Huawei terminal cloud service innovation laboratory leads users to play with innovative applications and release interactive experience with fresh and creative on-site interaction. There are more interesting ideas that cloud service interactive experience area can show. Huawei HMS ecology is to let developers focus on their own innovation, join hands and explore a better digital life. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia