Huawei developer conference is held, Hongmeng 2.0 is born, and the automotive industry will usher in subversion?

On September 10, the 2020 Huawei developer conference was officially held, and Huawei immediately launched hot search. Everyone must have paid attention to the news of Hongmeng 2.0. At the same time, Huawei has also brought a series of systems / software such as emui 11, HMS, Huawei hilink, etc. Undoubtedly, as a domestic technology giant, the information released by Huawei’s developer conference will directly affect the development of domestic science and technology. However, as a member of the automotive industry, we are more concerned about the upgrading of Huawei’s distributed technology, which is a symbol of Huawei’s entry into all walks of life. For the automotive industry, the HUAWEI HiCar smart Internet based on distributed technology may really realize &quot, Internet plus car &quot. It can not only build a channel between mobile phone and car machine, but also extend the application and service of mobile phone to automobile, but also connect the car, mobile phone and other IOT devices, so as to realize hardware mutual assistance and ecological sharing. < p > < p > Huawei hicar smart Internet is not the first time to appear at the Huawei developer conference, nor is it just a simple concept. It’s a mass production vehicle that has been put into mass production and has been carried by a self owned brand car company. This car company is the pioneer of intelligent car, xinbaojun, and the first mass production vehicle equipped with Huawei hicar system is the most beautiful smart car from xinbaojun, the new Baojun rc-6. < / P > < p > carrying Huawei After the hicar intelligent interconnection system, the car and mobile phone can be connected without any active operation, that is, the car can be connected automatically after getting on the car, without any active operation; the car can be integrated into the Internet Ecosystem of all things, and the remote home equipment can be controlled by one key of the home card; the gesture operation can realize the relevant functions of gesture control by using the AI computing ability of the car’s camera and mobile phone In car camera fatigue detection can combine with the heart rate sensor data of camera and intelligent wearable device to detect driver’s abnormal driving behavior and ensure driving safety; Android application ecological sharing can share all kinds of Android applications to the car, so that users can still use common apps in the car, and build a seamless flow and connection of user experience. However, although it has close cooperation with Huawei, xinbaojun has not made a complete bet on Huawei, and it has been developing continuously in the field of intelligent network connection. < / P > < p > as the leader of smart cars, the new Baojun car networking system currently equipped in the new Baojun model can also achieve rich intelligent networking functions, such as mobile phone control, which can not only realize app window closing and app remote opening air conditioning functions, but also realize Bluetooth key unlocking door, Bluetooth key starting vehicle and other functions. In the new Baojun E300 car, it can also realize the parking control of mobile phone, which has moved the science fiction scene from the movie to reality. < / P > < p > at the same time, the new Baojun Internet of vehicles system also has a powerful intelligent voice system. Through voice, it can control most of the functions in the car, and also supports car chat functions, such as voice sending current location to friends, voice sending text to friends, etc. In addition, the voice recognition function can also be used to control windows, skylights, air conditioning and other functions without waking them up to support continuous command input. At the same time, the new Baojun Internet of vehicles can also realize online navigation, online music and other functions, and support all kinds of precise search, such as navigation of interest points, music search of & quot; XX singer + XX song & quot. < / P > < p > with the support of intelligent voice system, the connotation of & quot; intelligent & quot; of xinbaojun’s Internet of vehicles is more valuable. After all, the ultimate goal of intelligent Internet connection is to realize all control of vehicles through voice, and the strength of voice system directly determines the function experience of intelligent network connection system. At present, new Baojun relies on its unique & quot; mobile phone, i.e. car machine; Concept, clever use of mobile phone computing power to solve this problem, making the response speed of the new Baojun Internet of vehicles system has reached 20 times of that of ordinary traditional vehicles, and the response speed and recognition accuracy of voice control have been greatly improved. < p > < p > in addition, there is an important feature of the automotive intelligent network, that is, the Internet of everything;. At present, the new Baojun E300 has achieved initial realization, that is, IOT ecology. Car owners can remotely control the smart home in their home through the new Baojun Internet of vehicles, monitor the vital signs in the car, or create intelligent interactive scenes for children’s entertainment. So far, it can be said that Junbao covers all aspects of the network. < p > < p > in this Huawei developer conference, Hongmeng 2.0 and emui 11 are naturally important highlights. However, the upgrading of distributed technology can not be ignored. This is the symbol of Huawei’s march into all walks of life, and is also the birth background of Huawei hicar smart Internet. As an important part of this developer conference, Huawei hicar smart Internet has the ability to subvert the automotive industry. However, as a main engine manufacturer, how to apply the technology best, fastest and most appropriately to its own model products, including intelligent network connection technology. The best answer to this question may be to build its own independent Internet of vehicles system, and new Baojun is obviously aware of it and is making continuous efforts in this direction. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year