Huawei executives said that Hongmeng OS could be used on mobile phones two years ago, but Huawei did not!

Huawei launched Hongmeng OS last year In version 1.0, the first batch of equipment carrying the system is Huawei’s “smart screen” devices. Although Huawei calls these devices “smart screens”, they are not very different from smart TV. However, considering that the research and development of the operating system on smart TV is not very difficult, I think Hongmeng OS is still far from “mature”. < p > < p > at this year’s developer conference, Huawei launched a new Hongmeng OS Version 2.0, this version supports more devices than the previous generation. More importantly, Huawei executives said that the system will be used on smart phones; an operating system can be used on smart phones, which shows that this operating system has advantages in software ecology and hardware ecology. < p > < p > Wang Chenglu, President of BG Software Department of Huawei consumer, said recently that if we consider from the perspective of pure technology, Hongmeng OS could be used in mobile phones two years ago. However, Huawei has not used this system in smart phones, mainly from two aspects. < / P > < p > on the one hand, there is a software ecology problem. At this time, Huawei does not have a complete software ecology. All software is developed based on Android platform and built on Google’s GMS service. Without its own software ecology, it is difficult to survive by “rashly” launching an operating system. It is better than Microsoft to strengthen WP operating system with weak software ecology Continue to promote it. < / P > < p > on the other hand, Huawei needs to consider its partnership with Google. Huawei is the first mobile phone manufacturer to use Android operating system. Huawei executives say that the success of Android system has a lot to do with Huawei. If Huawei abandons the Android system and uses the independently developed Hongmeng OS, the cooperation with Google will break down. Is this right for both sides A good result. < p > < p > interestingly, Huawei also produced nexus6p in the nexus series of “dry son” mobile phones for Google. The nexus series is the predecessor of pixel series, which is the first step for Google to get involved in the hardware market, but it did not go smoothly, so it did not stick to it. At that time, Gu Ge chose Huawei as its partner, which shows the importance of Huawei to Google and the relationship between them Communication and interaction are also frequent. Wang Chenglu also said that others said that we made Hongmeng because of sanctions. In fact, Huawei has done it before, but sanctions have accelerated our speed. According to Huawei’s previous strategy, Hongmeng OS will not be used on smart phones so quickly. However, as Huawei’s mobile phones cannot use GMS services and can’t get the upgrade of Android version normally, Huawei needs to consider providing another option for smart phones. < / P > < p > in this situation, Huawei needs to speed up the R & D of Hongmeng OS 2.0. Huawei mobile phones can make great achievements in 5g era only after it has its own operating system! Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing