Huawei freebudds Pro evaluation: This is perhaps the most worthwhile Android noise reduction headset this year

A few weeks ago, Huawei released its latest wireless earplug product, freebudds pro. At first, we didn’t pay much attention to this, but with the popularity of earplugs, we decided to conduct a review on them to see what new upgrades they had. < / P > < p > it’s not surprising to look at the freebugs Pro box. What we get is a charging box with earplugs, charging cable, user manual and two other sizes of replacement tips. The earplug we have here is a wireless charging version. In addition, Huawei also offers another option that does not support wireless charging, which is slightly lower. So if you’re indifferent to wireless charging, you can choose a cheaper version, which makes no difference. < p > < p > Huawei has updated the design of the freebud pro. The earplugs look more designed than the apple airpods pro. Each headset also has excellent weight control, making it very close to the airpods Pro experience. But the author is not satisfied with the quality of the construction, because it has an obvious deficiency – no waterproof. The IP rating for the headset is not listed. But we have no problem using them in light rain or even in sweaty sports. < / P > < p > even if you wear it all day, you don’t feel as uncomfortable as other earphones you’ve used before. These earplugs are perfect for people with smaller ear canals, while people with larger ears say they find the freebuds Pro a little loose. This is the exact opposite of the airpods Pro experience, which is not suitable for smaller ears. This is also because Huawei’s technology and design are better than airpods pro. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at its charging. The size of the protective sleeve is larger than that of the airpods pro. In noise cancellation mode, each fully charged headset can play music continuously for more than 4 hours, and the charging box can support an additional 15 hours. When the noise cancellation function is turned off, each headset can be used for about 7 hours. But during a call, your battery life is reduced by about 3.5 hours. Well, the charging rate in this case is not very fast – it takes more than an hour for both wired and wireless charging. < / P > < p > now let’s take a look at the noise reduction features on freebugs pro. To be honest, when we first used it, the noise reduction effect was really impressive. It seems that the effect of noise reduction is similar to that of airpods pro. We will discuss it in detail later. In addition, Huawei has also developed dynamic noise reduction technology to adapt to different use case scenarios, which can automatically detect the surrounding noise and adjust the noise reduction level. If you are using an Android device, you can manually switch the noise level in the Huawei AI life app. The app has other features to help earplugs work better, but you can only install it on Android devices. < / P > < p > from the frequency response curve, we found a problem. It seems that there is a leak in the low frequency part of the earplug, causing the low frequency part to decay. To be honest, the result was a little more than I expected. If you only look at about 125Hz, the noise reduction function of freebugs Pro is still very powerful, and its performance is quite good. It can almost reach the level of about 40dB, which should be consistent with the official maximum noise reduction value. However, if the frequency continues to decrease, the noise reduction effect will be reduced. By the way, here I want to talk directly about the actual wearing experience. Compared to the experience of wearing the apple airpods pro, the in ear design of the freebuds Pro is just right for my ears and feels stable. In addition, we still find that the noise reduction effect of low frequency is slightly better than that of airpods pro. However, the noise reduction performance of freebuds pro at high frequency is weaker than that at low frequency. Especially at 1kHz and higher frequency band, the noise reduction performance is not as strong as that obtained from airpods pro, but the difference is very small. < / P > < p > therefore, on the whole, we have reached a consensus that, at least based on our listening experience, airpods Pro still has some leading position in noise reduction, but we think it no longer dominates this field. This is after considering that the device paired with the earplug will also affect the noise reduction experience and performance. < / P > < p > if you use it for IOS devices, there is no doubt that airpods Pro is the best choice, but if you are using Huawei devices or even other Android devices, we would rather recommend freebud Pro as our first choice. There is no doubt that Huawei is doing better in software support. You can also make more adjustments in the app, not just for the airpods pro on IOS, but also some useful features such as “find my headset” and high-quality recording mode. Another disadvantage of airpods pro, by the way, is the lack of Android assistant support. < / P > < p > then, we tried its perception mode, which is similar to the transparent mode of airpods pro. Most of the time, it works well, but sometimes it sounds a little weird because it can’t keep a steady detection and Simulation of the surrounding sound. In perceptual mode, we can also enable enhanced speech. It does improve the sound transmission of the human voice, but at the same time other high frequencies are also significantly enhanced, which is another kind of noise enhancement. < / P > < p > although we do like the excellent noise reduction function, we still have to say that the ear pressure balance of the freebud Pro is not as good as that of the airpods pro. Airpods Pro had the same problem in the beginning, but in the end, they made a compromise between noise reduction and ear pressure balance through software updates. Yesterday, we also updated the software for freebuds pro, and the situation has improved, but the pressure balance is still not perfect. < / P > < p > now let’s move on to the most important part – sound quality. After several product upgrades, we can say that Huawei has done a great job in tuning the new headphones. In our experience, this is the best sound quality we have on TWS earplugs. Compared with airpods pro, freebugs Pro emphasizes bass more, but not too much. This doesn’t mean that the treble part is not taken seriously. We can still hear the dynamic high-frequency instruments and human voices clearly. The call quality is also good, especially when we turn on the high quality recording option. It can handle most situations well. < / P > < p > multi device support is another major feature of freebugs pro. No doubt, it’s a good idea to connect headphones to two devices at the same time, regardless of the brand or system of the device. But sometimes things can be a bit confusing. Manually connecting to devices other than Android devices sometimes works poorly. For example, I found it difficult to connect a Windows PC as a second device after a successful pairing. < / P > < p > freebugs Pro also has an excellent Bluetooth connection. Especially on Huawei devices, this is a pleasant and simple experience. The connection is stable without delay. When we play games and videos on Android devices, the audio delay is really hard to perceive. < / P > < p > we think that the price of freebud Pro is cheaper than that of airpods pro, which is a better choice for Android users. If you are a Huawei user, it may be an ideal companion for your mobile phone. Whatever device you use, it’s still the most impressive alternative to airpods pro. Older posts →