Huawei gives in again, glory X10 falls to “new low price”, netizen: buy and cherish it

On September 5, it was reported that glory X10 started the price reduction mode again: the highest price drop of a dongzhiying platform was 200 yuan, and that of the 6 + 64GB version was as low as 1699 yuan. It is the Kirin 820 mobile phone with the lowest official price. Considering the current international situation, Qi Ji just want to say: buy and cherish it. < p > < p > glory X10 is equipped with Kirin 820 chip and supports dual-mode 9-band 5g network, bringing more rapid and stable 5g network experience. The machine has a maximum storage combination of 8 + 128GB, supports the expansion of nm memory card up to 256gb, and can meet the performance and storage requirements of the vast majority of users. < / P > < p > Screen: 6.63 “pop-up real full screen solution is adopted to bring more extreme visual experience. The screen refresh rate has been upgraded to 90hz, and it has passed the low Blu ray certification of German Rhine, bringing more smooth operation experience and better eye protection effect. In order to ensure the integrity of the whole machine, the unlocking scheme of side fingerprint identification is adopted. < / P > < p > camera: 16 million pop-up cameras in front, supporting portrait mode, wechat small video, beauty and 1080p video recording. After 40 million main camera + 8 million wide-angle depth of field + 2 million macro-range three camera combination, Huawei’s flagship imx600y is lowered to the thousand yuan machine, which greatly improves the imaging quality and night shooting ability of the whole machine. Endurance: built in 4300 MAH battery, supporting and standard 22.5w fast charging head. In terms of appearance, the fuselage is 163.7 * 76.5 * 8.8 mm, weighing 203 G. The back of the fuselage is made of 3D glass, with racing blue, light speed silver, speed black and burning power orange. The 3.5mm earphone hole is also reserved in the fuselage, which gives users an alternative. Other aspects: the whole machine supports life waterproof and ip5x dust-proof, which is rare and valuable for a pop-up mobile phone. Equipped with magic ui3.1 system, it opens a new era of wisdom for users. < p > < p > in general, glory X10 is a cost-effective Huawei mobile phone, especially the increasingly rare Kirin 820 chip. It not only has the powerful performance brought by Kirin 820, but also has a full-scale pop-up screen, 90hz screen refresh rate and flagship imx600y. It has good performance in mobile phone performance, screen quality and photo taking experience. Due to the shortage of chips, the price of glory X10 is difficult to fluctuate greatly: the price of 6 + 64GB version is as low as 1699 yuan, and that of 6 + 128GB version is 2089 yuan. For users who do not need dual cards and dual standby, Qiji recommends 6 + 64GB version, and the remaining money can purchase a larger nm memory card. What are your thoughts and expectations for the glory X10 from 1699 yuan? This is Qi Ji’s idea. Code word original is not easy, like remember to pay attention to Qi Ji’s idea, also can like, forward and comment. More interesting digital information is waiting for you to chat. The picture is from the Internet, and it is deleted. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo