Huawei glory released two different smart watches at IFA 2020 science and technology exhibition. Let’s support it

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IFA 2020 is much smaller this year. At the exhibition, Huawei’s glory brand launched a series of products, including a notebook computer and two tablets: the honor pad 6 and the pad X6, both of which are cheap Android tablets. Meanwhile, glory has released two smart watches. < / P > < p > as we said, the honor watch GS Pro is basically a rugged version of the magic watch 2. It has a thick, stainless steel frame with flat buttons on the side, not a crown. The screen is 1.39 inches in diameter. < / P > < p > this smart watch has built-in GPS, an altitude meter and more than 100 fitness modes, including the standard mode you can find on any smart watch, as well as customized outdoor modes such as hiking, skiing and mountain climbing. One of the features of this watch is “path back mode”, so when you’ve walked a long distance or run, you can turn on this mode, and the watch will guide you back to the starting position through GPS. < / P > < p > this is a potential life-saving function, which is tested to be very effective. Like other Huawei / horn watches, there are other health modes, including sleep tracking, sp02 monitoring, stress testing, and step count. < / P > < p > honor indicates that the watch GS Pro can be used for 25 days at a time, which is an excellent battery life, but it is reduced to 100 hours if outdoor exercise mode is enabled, and 48 hours if GPS is enabled. < / P > < p > the honor watch es and GS Pro seem to be completely different designs for different audiences – it’s not rugged, it’s a “fitness fashion” watch. It has a 1.64 inch AMOLED long and thin screen that makes it look like an extended Apple watch. < / P > < p > it has 95 exercise modes, which are the same as those on GS pro, but the equipment does not have some extreme sports modes. However, this watch is unique in that it has 12 animation exercise courses and 44 animation exercises, which can guide you to exercise with the animated characters on the watch. < / P > < p > it sounds like these options actually give you a little wrist trainer to help you stretch or do yoga – the details of these courses need to be understood. < / P > < p > all the other health options of the GS Pro are available, such as stress, pace, sp02 and sleep tracking, as well as menstrual cycle monitoring, which is not available with the rugged watch GS pro. The battery life of the honorwatch es is 10 days, which is shorter than that of GS pro, but still much longer than that of most watches, according to honor. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?